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A 38kg bitumen felt tile roof gives a neat and classic finish to this 8x6 Reverse Apex shed.
Our professional installation team will be on hand in order to erect your 8x6 Barnstyle, so that you can start enjoying this space as soon as possible. A clear indication of the quality of our 8x6 Ultimate Reverse Apex Barnstyle Shed can be found in the superior 16mm rebated featheredge cladding. In the past, customers had to select a skylight if they wanted natural light in their shed but were concerned that adding a traditional window would create a security concern. The spacious interior of our Ultimate Barnstyle 10x8 Reverse Apex Wooden Garden Shed is further complimented by a host of quality features and benefits. From our Ultimate Barnstyle shed range, this 10x6 reverse apex shed represents an affordable option for those of you who are looking to significantly enhance the appearance of your garden with an attractive yet practical garden building.
The owners of this shed realised that it could become more useful if it was renovated, cleaned up and made more secure, and the first part of the project was to add a new, single door and to brick up and render the resulting gap. As this is a case study, we will not dwell on the detail, but simply provide a chain of thoughts and activity that could well help you with similar situations.
The plan was to first remove an internal wall and the two existing doors and frames, then to construct a new door frame from timber, and anchor it in place using concrete foundations.
Firstly we hung two pieces of 150 x 75mm rough sawn treated pine, which we elected because it was cheap, easy to use and the rougher finish complemented the rest of the timberwork on the building.
The foundation had three purposes; to support the brick wall to the left of the frame, to provide a step for afixing some terracotta tiles to the entrance step, and to provide a straight edge for later paving in front. For the ties into the brick wall we drilled a 7mm hole and used a brown (7mm) rawl plug, while for the frame side we simply screwed them into the treated pine. We selected a base level pine external door for this case, firstly because they are cheap, but secondly because it matched neighbouring shed doors. The preparation is minimal, simply cut to length and if necessary, reverse the diagnal struts, which come loosely attached, as they need to be set up to suit the hinge side.
First, and this is always a good check, we trialled the door in place (before adding hinges and a lock). The problem was that the right hand frame had bowed in a bit, while the left had stayed quite straight. We then fitted hinges at our standard spacing of 150mm in from top and bottom, and the third in the centre.

Our way of marking hinge positions on doors is to fully open the hinge, set it against the door and mark around it, then rebate the marked section using a wood chisel. Our way of marking hinge positions on door frames is to place the door with hinges in situ and the hinges open, the mark the top and bottom of each hinge.
We have not shown the lock fitting, as the instructions are often specific to the type of lock you are installing. Well that finished that part of the project, and the room was now ready for rendering, plumbing and electrical, for which the principles are all covered elsewhere on this site. This unique design combines overlap and tongue and groove with the slats overlapping and then interlocking with one another, forming a robust yet stunning structure.The intricacy and care taken during the manufacturing process of the 8x6 reverse apex garden sheds is exemplified by the elegant cottage style window and the decorative, heavy duty door hinges.
Our standard shed door is already legendary in quality…and now you can upgrade the look of your TUFF SHED storage building with windows that are both functional and asthetically pleasing. The double door option is sold separately, as is the designer door trim (wainscot design shown at top). Making use of a unique rebated featheredge design, this garden shed has the classic country look!
Crafted from our highest quality 16mm rebated featheredge boards for a visually stunning result, this shed is sure to be a prominent feature in your garden for many a year.As robust as it is attractive this 10x6 reverse apex shed includes a heavy duty 12mm tongue and groove roof which is provided with superior 38kg bitumen roof felt for ultimate protection. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
We anchored the tops to the existing timber lintel supporting the roof at a spacing of 768mm (ready for a 2'6" door), then fixed them vertically with temporary struts until we poured the concrete foundation. We then scratched the surface of the foundation to assist with gripping of the mortar for the wall, and adhesive grout for the tiles. We used the bricks removed from the internal wall, and mortared them in place row by row, tying in every third join with wall ties, shown in the small photo below.
We measured the position and installed them prior to the immediate layer of bricks to give more free space for drilling.
Ours were OK (a 50% chance!) but we added five woodscrews in from the front on each diagonal to make sure it was rigid.
As can be seen in the first photo below, the gap at the bottom (and unseen at the top) was adequate at 6mm each gap, but the middle was a zero gap.
Our solution: we measured and drew a straight line up the front of the frame, then took an electric planer to it and rebated the front section of the post to a thickness equal to the door.

Lightly nail them in place, and check the door still opens freely, as an overly tight jam on the hinge side can make it difficult to close the door, or worse still, stress the door. We suggest that all persons take adequate care in the translation and application of this content to their projects, particularly as projects rarely encounter identical issues and constraints.
They were a big hit, and the in-the-door transom window upgrade is the latest in this window evolution. When combined with the 16mm rebated featheredge cladding, the heavy duty tongue and groove roof and floor complete one of our most robust and attractive buildings. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). You will no doubt have a small degree of warping almost immediately, but the lock can pull the door into shape and prevent further warping. We were planning on a 3mm gap both sides of the door once installed, noting that for this trial positioning the gap on the other side was 0mm. It helps to have a spare hinge on hand, but as they usually come in packs of two, you should have a spare. Internally the 19mm pressure treated, tongue and groove floor provides all the support you would ever need and is reinforced with pressure treated floor runners. Further intricate touches are visible on the doors which are fully ledged and braced and hung with strong, decorative hinges.The stunning cottage style windows add a new decorative dimension to this 10x8 Reverse Apex Wooden Garden Shed and include toughened safety glass as standard for maximum security.
With integral pressure treated floor runners, it provides perfect support and is unsusceptible to the threat of ground moisture when built on a hard, flat surface.Two elegant cottage style opening windows are sure to give the interior all the necessary light and fresh air that is required. Our strongest 50x50mm framing has been utilised to ensure that this garden building remains strong and rigid throughout its service life.A host of quality accessories are available with these 8x6 reverse apex garden sheds for you to choose from, such as, an expert same day installation or a superior slatted roof. For necessary elevation and to protect the sheds impressive 15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay, the floor is fitted with integral pressure treated floor bearers.
This shed is guaranteed against rot and fungal decay for 15 years thanks to the superior pressure treatment that has been applied during the manufacturing process. The roof will sit on top of the existing roof to provide an additional layer of protection and a beautiful modern finish.

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