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Join us for a special tour of The Stickley Museum this Tuesday, April 12th at noon in honor of our anniversary. The Stickley Museum will continue to be open Tuesdays and Saturdays during the month of December with the exception of Saturday, December 26th. If you are looking for something interesting to do this weekend, please join us for a special tour of The Stickley Museum this Saturday, November 28th, at 1:00 pm.
In August 1905 Gustav Stickley patented the unique Spindle Chair created by designer Peter Hansen. The Spindle Chair remains a popular design, and many pieces by Hansen still are appreciated today. The Stickley Museum will be closed this Saturday, September 19th so that we may participate in the Fayetteville Festival at Beard Park. The Stickley Roadshow will be at Elaine Baker & Associates in Anchorage, Alaska this Saturday. This week The Stickley Roadshow will be visiting the German American Heritage Center in Davenport, IA. The Stickley Museum will be CLOSED on Saturday, September 5th in observance of Labor Day Weekend. On July 15, 1900 Gustav Stickley exhibited his line of "New Furniture" at the Grand Rapids, MI tradeshow.
If you are in the Lancaster, PA area tomorrow evening, please visit Interiors Furniture and Design to hear Sarah Lanigan, our former museum director, as she presents the history of the Stickley brothers, their furniture, and stories of the museum (the former factory). The Stickley Museum will be closed on Saturday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day. The Stickley Museum is offering special guided tours on Tuesday, June 30th and Tuesday, July 7th at 10:30 am.
Stickley offers public tours of the Manlius factory at 1 Stickley Drive Manlius, NY 13104 every Tuesday at 10:00AM. Our annual On My Own Time exhibition, where The Stickley Museum showcases the work of our many talented colleagues, is on view through June 13th. Look for HouseSmarts with Lou Manfredini to air episode 142 tomorrow featuring The Stickley Museum.
We enjoyed hosting the HouseSmarts crew from left to right: Chris, Darbi, Mike Danial (Stickley Corporate Historian) Margo, and Bobby.
In February 1900, brothers Leopold and John George Stickley partnered in the manufacturing of furniture. Five Stickley employees whose works were chosen from the exhibition, On My Own Time, held at The Stickley Museum in June 2014 will now be featured at the Everson Museum of Art. The exhibition will be on view at the Everson Museum of Art beginning October 10th through November 16th. In an advertisement for The Craftsman magazine Gustav Stickley wrote, of a chair similar to the 369 Spindle Morris Chair, “This piece shown here is first, last and all the time a chair, and not an imitation of a throne, nor an exhibit of snakes and dragons in a wild riot of misapplied wood-carving.
Bring family members who are visiting for Thanksgiving to the museum and show off some of our rich local history!
Stickley Museum Executive Director Sarah Lanigan presents, “A Visit to The Stickley Museum: Stickley History & Style” at the Oneida Community Mansion House Wednesday October 2nd at 7pm. The Stickley Museum will be CLOSED on Saturday September 21st to participate in the Fayetteville Festival at Beard Park. Due to an elevator problem, the Stickley Museum will be CLOSED today, Tuesday September 3rd. Come to the Everson Museum of Art this Sunday for a walking gallery tour with Stickley Museum Director Sarah Lanigan. If you are coming to visit the Stickley Museum this summer be sure to also stop by the Everson Museum of Art (just a short drive away) to see their exhibition, An American Look: Fashion, Decorative Arts & Gustav Stickley, open now through September 22nd. In celebration of New York State Museum Week, the Stickley Museum will be offering a free special tour of the museum with Stickley Director Sarah Lanigan at 2pm this Saturday June 15th.
This lecture by Jonathan Clancy sheds new light on the production of metalwork in Syracuse by presenting new research on Gustav Stickley’s Copper Shop and Onondaga Metal Shops. Jonathan Clancy is Director of the American Fine and Decorative Arts program at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York. Today while I was writing up condition reports on our Syracuse University loan that just returned (side note: go SU!), I noticed an old Stickley brand that was put right into one of the walls here in the former L.
There is history everywhere in the original Stickley Fayetteville Factory, even in places you wouldn’t expect. The Arts & Crafts Society of Central New York and the Fayetteville Free Library are hosting an event to celebrate the debut of the Arts and Crafts Memorial Collection at the Fayetteville Free Library on Tuesday, November 13th at 6:30pm. The event will begin with a presentation in the library’s meeting room by Mike Danial, Stickley corporate historian titled “Leopold Stickley: Marketing the Arts and Crafts Style”.
The Stickley Museum will have special hours this night and will be open to the public after this event. Tomorrow, on Thursday October 25th, Stickley Museum Director Sarah Lanigan will be presenting at Slone Brothers Furniture in Longwood, Florida at 7:00pm. Don’t miss this upcoming talk with Lawrence Kreisman, Program Director of Historical Seattle and Arts and Crafts scholar. The Stickley Museum will be opening one hour later than usual at 11am this Saturady October 6th, 2012.
The Stickley Museum will be closed this Saturday to participate in the Fayetteville Festival at Beard Park.
The Stickley Museum will be closed next Saturday September 15th to participate in the Fayetteville Festival at Beard park- come visit us there!
Please note that on Saturday October 6th the museum will be opening one hour later than normal. Stickley Corporate Historian Mike Danial will be at Traditions Home in Wichita on Wednesday September 12th and at Traditions Furniture Overland Park on Thursday September 13th. The Stickley Museum is pleased to report that we have received an elm bar that was once owned by Louise Stickley, the wife of Leopold Stickley. The Stickley Museum will be closed in observance of Labor Day Weekend on Saturday September 1st. Gustav Stickley's historic home on Columbus Ave in Syracuse, NY may be turned into a museum.

Barbara is part of the Stickley Story- it was her record-breaking purchase of a Gustav Stickley sideboard in 1988 that made Stickley Mission again a household word after over sixty years, so it is only fitting that we have a part of her collection on display!
In honor of Museum Week, The Stickley Museum is holding guided tours on Saturday June 2nd at 11am and on Tuesday June 5th at 1pm. This week kicks off New York State's Museum Week and we are super excited here at The Stickley Museum. The Stickley Roadshow continues this week with Stickley Museum Director Sarah Lanigan in Chicago, Illinois and Stickley Corporate Historian Mike Danial in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Join Stickley Corporate Historian Mike Danial for a presentation at Sheffield Furniture on the fascinating history and craftsmanship of Stickley furniture.
Over the last one hundred plus years we know that Stickley employees have made an incredible impact on furniture design. Announcing 2 Stickley Roadshow Events in Alberta, Canada featuring Stickley Corporate Historian Mike Danial!
The Stickley Roadshow hits the road in May- our corporate historian Mike Danial will be heading to Virginia, Ohio, and Alberta, Canada while Stickley Museum Director Sarah Lanigan will be headed to Illinois! There will also be a discussion of the exhibit with Stickley Museum Director Sarah Lanigan at 5:30pm. The Stickley Museum will be operating under normal business hours during the Easter Weekend. Last week we had the wonderful opportunity to tour the Glensheen mansion in Duluth, Minnesota. We had a wonderful time visiting the Glensheen and thank the nice folks there for their hospitality- if you find yourself in Duluth it’s a must-see! Join Stickley Museum Director Sarah Lanigan and expert Craftsman George Webster at Gabbert’s in Edina, Minnesota for two special events! A great majority of the Mission oak pieces in our collection date from the early 1900s and have beautiful deep colors to the wood.
While the result was beautiful, fuming was not healthy for the person who had to remove the furniture from the room. Today kicks off the annual Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Conference in Asheville, North Carolina.
Today if you go to 300 Orchard Street in Fayetteville, New York, you’ll find the Fayetteville Free Library, and above it, The Stickley Museum. But did you know that there has been a furniture business on this site dating back to as early as the Civil War?
The Stickley Museum exhibit, “A Well Crafted Legacy” is located second floor of the building in what was the original finishing room. It’s a long-grain to long-grain joint, and if you have a smooth, straight surface on the top of the panels, and a smooth, straight surface on the bottom of the arms it will be strong enough to outlast you or me. There are a boatload of other options, none of them necessary and all of them more trouble then they are worth. I’ll be doing a blog post about upholstery options soon, but in the meantime here is the quick answer.
I have just about completed the joinery on the settle, I just have the grooves for the corbels left to make.
I still have one question about the panels…should they be treated like a frame and panel door in that the panels should be a little smaller than the total opening for them and left unglued? The design of the new building was the perfect backdrop for the fine reproductions that constituted the core of their product offerings.
Mission line in 1989, this newly reintroduced collection represented a departure from Hendrixson’s primary focus on 18th century design. More recently, Hendrixson’s expanded into the Lehigh Valley, opening a store just a few miles south of Allentown, Pa.
Gustav Stickley End Table Designs For Your entrance Arts And guile final stage Table away Brian Brace Starting atomic number 85 Poppy Table away Mike Raub.
384 Side Chair & No Very sincerely are dovetailed bad-tempered rails side and center guided knickers and pinned. I had heard nice things about the Alabama Woodworkers Guild before I left last week to teach a two-day seminar in building a Stickley cabinet and an evening SketchUp workshop. My cynical side believes that there isn’t much difference between history and marketing, and my rational side has to admit that a lot of recorded history exists to sell something. One of the curious things about woodworking is that you don’t really know how thorough to be in one step until you are knee-deep in the next.
I’ve never been to Madison, Wisconsin but it is one of my favorite places because it is the home of the University of Wisconsin Decorative Arts Collection. Space is still available for this class August 1 & 2, 2015-Click Here to sign up at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking website. A completed piece of furniture provides a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that people who don’t make furniture miss out on.
Through tenon joints are one of the hallmarks of Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman furniture. One of the things I don’t like about magazine articles is the lack of photos of the finished project.
When I was a self employed furniture maker and cabinetmaker I didn’t have much choice about what I would build, it was mostly a matter of what a client wanted and was willing to pay for. Marc doesn’t usually repeat the same project class, but if you bug someone with a school in your neighborhood they might invite me. The chair on the left, #9072, commonly called a Sleepy Hollow chair, was in production from the 1930’s through the 1960’s. Born January 16, 1869 he was one of the five Stickley brothers: Gustav, Charles, Albert, Leopold, and John George. If you would like to make an appointment to visit the museum during a time other than our open hours, please call 315-682-5500. In this issue Gustav Stickley payed homage to one of the founders of the English Arts and Crafts Movement--William Morris. Our former Director, Sarah Lanigan, will share anecdotes and historical tidbits about the museum and the five Stickley brothers.
Stickley Corporate Historian, Mike Danial, will present a unique, "insider's look" at Stickley.

The exposed joinery, simplified lines, and unadorned surfaces were sharp contrasts to Victorian tastes. The exhibition is multimedia and features works in digital format as well as painting, woodwork, and fiber work. Initally, they called the new company Onondaga Shops after the name of the county in which they were based. The On My Own Time exhibition has been organized by CNY Arts and the Everson Museum of Art and celebrates the creativity of employees throughout the Syracuse area. Featuring works of various media including: pastel drawing, printmaking, needlework, and wood working. This walking gallery tour of the exhibition will include a discussion on the impact of the Stickleys on American design and home life, as well as the aesthetics and craftsmanship that make Mission furniture so unique.
We encourage you to come and take a look at the amazing work done by our Stickley employees!
Louis architect John Guenther, which included a former insane asylum, a gate house at Washington Terrace (where a gate keeper actually used to live) and a water tower (just to name a few). Sarah Lanigan, the Director of The Stickley Museum will be discussing the Stickley objects on loan as well as the historical impact of Stickley on Central New York during the early 1900s. Here, workers used to record the first significant snowfall on the walls in the old hand sanding room. Come see Stickley Corporate Historian Mike Danial in one of his legendary presentations on Stickley history at Betty Rumpf Interiors in Toledo, Ohio on Thursday May 31st at 7pm. Mike is an expert in the care of antique Stickley pieces- bring photos of your older Stickley furniture for a free informal appraisal before the presentation. That makes a lot of people nervous, especially those who like to make things as complicated as they possible can. Paul explored his love of Georgian architecture, expanding the store’s building using the brick symmetry of this style. They held events to showcase the growing number of fine lines they represented: companies such as Kittinger, with its Williamsburg collection, and Kindel, with its Winterthur, National Trust, and Irish Georgian reproductions.
In doing so, the Hendrixson family found a building eloquently expressive of their attitude towards furniture – a 1735 stone building featuring mortise and tenon in its roof construction and a walk-in fireplace dating back to its former days as a stage coach shop. Results unity 81 of 81 Limbert Style chocolate Table Project Plan Inspired away the designs of Gustav Stickley this diminished shelve is made from quartersawn white oak. While I really enjoy teaching, I’m not crazy about travel, hotels or unknown sources of food. You might be frustrated enough with the experience that you consider giving up woodworking for the game of golf.
Louise Stickley had noted that Leopold had kept one of these chairs for use at the factory as it was a personal favorite. Shown is a Three Legged Chalet Table from The Stickley Museum collection made by Gustav Stickley under the United Crafts label.
The image is Lee Wetmore's Sarah Star of Bethlehem, it is a quilt pattern composed of over 390 diamonds of 13 different types of wood.
Our featured employees: Toni Binks, Mike Danial, Dashamir Gurabardhi, Lori McCall, and Lee Wetmore. Seating is limited for this free event, for more information or to reserve your seat call (419) 536.3718. My first suggestion for those who need to reinforce things in order to sleep at night, is to run some screws up through the corbels at the back and sides, and to use some figure-eight fasteners on the cushion side of the upper panel rails. You can run a stopped groove on the underside of the arms to fit the tops of the panels and legs, or you can run a second groove on top of the panels and put in a spline. Doug didn’t entirely believe me either, he put pegs in the top of the rail into the bottom of the arm, and he had a good story I could relate to about hauling rough lumber from one side of the country to the other and back again. Doug and his family got to spend some quality time figuring this out, looking for leather on sale, and working together to have something they will treasure for a long, long time. I recommend finding a good local professional upholsterer, either to do the work, or to sell you supplies. Virginia plotted out the interior elements of their newly designed building working with their expanding design staff.
Stickley company chose to expand beyond its 18th century and colonial product by returning to its roots, it reintroduced the Craftsman or Mission style of furniture it had pioneered in America during the turn of the last century. Results 1 9 of 9 divine by the designs of Gustav Stickley this small table is made from the fully size plans to build this white oak journeyman era side table. The best known version is painted, but there are also examples in ebony and oak with inlaid faces.
These pieces by Hansen have often been compared to the Prairie style of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Stickley factory, now the location of The Stickley Museum, employees often noted the first snowfall of the season by writing it on the factory wall. You could put a steel plate on top of the rails, and a hundred rare earth magnets on the bottom of the arms. The cheap and easy way out is to lay wood slats (or build a simple frame) to rest on the ledgers to support a simple cushion. If you really want to, you can run some screws down from the top, and plug the holes with dowels. Building good furniture is about finding solutions that work for you, your skill set, the tools and the time you have available. Stickley after her husband Leopold’s death in 1957 to 1974 when the Audi family purchased the company. STICKLEY Image spacer THE STICKLEY DIFFERENCE fancy spacer Frank Cooper Park Trestle Coffee 7641. If you want to do it yourself, I would advise taking a class or reading a few books and start with something small.
Marsh for this donation as this chair helps us to expand our collection of Stickley & Brandt furniture.

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