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Since these Columbia Manufacturing screen doors are made in wood, you could easily paint or stain these units in whatever shade or color you would like, so that it would fit your particular decor and style just right.The Columbia Modesto door actually comes with a built in metal pet grille so it should be a bit more durable.
The Columbia t bar door has a very durable tenon and mortise construction and because of this design, the overall door is even more reinforced. If you buy one of these doors, you'll have to buy the hardware separately, however that will give you a chance to pick out the right materials and styles for your preferences.

Putting in a screen door can really be so practical; it makes it much easier to open the door up on warm days and let the fresh air in without having to worry about insects, animals or debris coming into your home. Plus, there are so many different models and styles to choose between, it shouldn't be very difficult to find something appropriate for your home.

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