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Additionally, the arcade table is also available in various upgrade options such as Sonos Zoneplayer, larger LCD screen, card reader, and more. 4 designs too choose from or feel free to ask for a custom art design for you or you company. Our 1 Year Extended Warranty covers telephone diagnosis and repair, as well as replacement of defective parts on arcades for 1 YEAR from the date of purchase. The Pinball Company, LLC makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, on the delivery time of any products sold. Aside from looking like your run-of-the-mill coffee table, it sports a hidden Shuttle XPC, 19- or 26-inch LCD display under the table’s toughened glass surface.
We just found a fresh way to do that, using Surface Tension’s arcade game coffee table. No doubt, at any time, the arcade game coffee table is not a plain table just holding various little items.
Walnut arcade table is priced at ?2,599 GBP (about $4,000 USD), Oak one costs ?3,299 GBP (about $5085 USD).

Any estimates given are subject to change and are dependent on time and method of payment, product availability, and turnaround times of shipping companies. The system itself is already loaded up with over 100 licensed games from Taito, Midway, Atari and is also compatible with MAME, allowing you to run your favorite arcade classics too. The makers from Surface Tension has integrated all parts that an arcade machine needs into the coffee table, including a complete system unit powered by Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU, 19-inch LCD screen, classical arcade joysticks and buttons, etc. As a table, this stainless steel creation is simple and stylish, but it does much more than provide a place to keep your coffee mug.
And you can easily plug in your flat screen TVs, connect to the Internet and get set for a cool gaming experience.
Arcade controls are also included in the form of joysticks, buttons, trackball and spinner. Apparently you can not only play classical arcade games with your girlfriend on the table once it’s connected to the evil Internet.
Designed by UK games room company Liberty Games, the Platinum table has an integrated PC and a 22-inch LCD monitor.

In terms of audio, you’ve got a built-in sound system with stereo 30-watt speakers or an optional Sonos Zoneplayer. Measuring 24 inches in width, 15 inches in height and 40 inches in depth, the Platinum table comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer and heavy price tag. Then there are Customized Designs’ cool LED furniture, which includes tables that also do time as light sources.
If you do not mind spending ?3,000 on a piece of furniture that allows you to play games, this is a great buy. And the new Platinum multi game arcade coffee table takes multi-purpose furniture to a whole new level.

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