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Just recently discover a great resource for web designers called Code Canyon where you can purchase small scripts and code for your website. 1CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Pack CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Pack (Grids) is a pack of pure CSS3 Pricing Tables with 2 table styles and 20 predefined color versions including: hover states, ability to add a custom ribbon to the column header, table cell tooltips.
Sign up for our monthly newsletter and get tips, templates, and freebies straight to your inbox. What it does: #footer sets the footer cell background color, text color, and background image to the same values as the header cell.
Ever since I started working for one of my CSS3 breadcrumbs example, I thought about writing this tutorial.
While in my previous CSS3 tabs tutorial I tried to simulate some beveled corners for the tabs, this time I will show you how to create folder tabs using nothing more than pure CSS3.

I happened to stumble across their Price Table Templates and was amazed with the selections and great designs that I could purchase for a couple bucks. The nested double comments around the declaration hides the style from Netscape 4, which does not do very well with line-height. In this article, I will use a similar technique in order to create some good looking CSS3 tabs. While the title attributes might seem to be extra, in this case they are needed for the jQuery stuff.
Feel free to use the articles you may find here in your projects, with or without any attribution. So in the spirit of sharing I have compiled a list of the best looking price table templates I could find on the site.

An em unit is a proportional measure that maintains a relationship based on the size of the font.
They do cost money but a couple bucks is sometimes worth it when you think about the time investment need to make one of these pure CSS price tables. First, Netscape 4 does honor padding set directly on the tag and, second, it gives us the opportunity to change padding (if the need arises) for modern browsers via CSS.
As you recall, we set the font-size on the body element to 14px, so modern browsers interpret this rule as being 100% of 14px.

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