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The designs in this article are wonderful examples of professionally designed London Underground themed seating plans, where tables are named after each line on the tube map and guests each have a station!
If you don’t have the budget to have one professionally made, or if you simply fancy having a go at making your own Underground themed plan, there are a number of ways that you could consider.
Use photo editing software to digitally edit a London Underground map, replacing station names with guest’s names. Dust off your painting set and practice your calligraphy – trace the London underground map onto plain paper and use your paints and pens to craft your own version. Use coloured string and panel pins in a plain white wooden board to make a funky string Tube map design. It’s easy to drag and drop guests and tables around the screen and you can create different layouts to see what works best.

Set each table a ‘find the animal‘ quiz – there are animals hidden in the London underground map, who can find them?
The Transport for London shop has a wide range of London Underground related paraphernalia, ranging from mugs and bags to toys and t shirts. If London does not hold any particular significance for you as a couple, but you love the iconic design and humour of this style seating plan, then remember that the key features of a tube map are easily transferable to other locations. Remember to check our Pinterest board for a whole host of inspiring ideas for your own Underground map seating plan.
This idea uses luggage labels that have been pinned to the map to show which guests are seated at which table. Luckily, as the background for the map is white, this should not need a great deal of technical expertise!

You could then tie on guest’s names, or print them onto the white board behind your string map. Here is a map constructed by London Underground and the London Film festival, and here is a one showing popular music history with each line a different musical genre.
Whether you use a London Underground map or design your own, your guests are sure to be thrilled with this totally unique and unusual take on a wedding seating plan.
After discovering that arranging the seating is one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding, he launched TopTablePlanner in 2007.

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