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These products for the Big Green Egg grill are built by Werever Products, the industry leader in outdoor kitchen cabinetry since 2001. The use of the Big Green Egg logo and name is not an implied endorsement by the Big Green Egg Company.
I posted this as a reply to an old thread but thought I might start a new thread as it really is a design issue. I too would go with two larges as then your accessories are interchangeable and you have two temperature control which on many cooks is extremely handy. Since then I have added a small, another large, and a mini but if I could only have two it would be a pair of large eggs.
As for the size of the second, I went with two larges, because the eggsecories will interchange, has worked well for me.
I agree with Wess both on the sizes (I have a Large, Small, and Mini) and about the aspect of design. Right handed and I tend to use he large more (pizzas, butts, and dutch oven cooks) I use the small for steaks, burgers, chicken, and sides.
Be sure to allow for the thickness of a paver under your egg, as well as about an inch for the little green feet between the paver and the bottom of your egg.
I'm currently in the process of drawing up plans to build my table this weekend and am using table plans found online (mainly NakedWhiz's Way Cool table) as a general guide.
I also want to incorporate some of what Martini Mark did with the lower shelf storage under the egg, a cabinet with doors, and a built in drawer. Some other guys and gals might have some more thought but i am happy with mine at that height.

For that reason, I've always thought the tables that had the front part cut out and then the eggs slid in (rather than a hole that they were dropped into) would be easier on the back.
I think the original design with larger wheels is good when you have a rougher surface like a deck. Possibly the greatest function from the cup espresso desk is actually ways to look out of this.
There is no doubt that the Big Green Egg builds one of the finest and most versatile grills available at any price. Werever Products has provided outdoor kitchen cabinetry in every state in the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii.
Come visit Big Green Egg headquarters, see our new showroom and check out the History of the EGG Museum and Culinary Center! I have a very level and smooth surface, from travertine to asphalt to concrete to the egg away for the winter. Now, you can get movable carts, tables, and storage cabinets for your Big Green Egg with the quality, style, and durability to match. Werever's weatherproof cabinetry can be found in homes, condos, rv parks, daycare centers, resorts, parks, zoos, universities, and hotels. Werever Products builds fine outdoor cabinetry to fit for a variety of grill manufacturers, but this table has been built exclusively for use with a Big Green Egg grill. I was worried you were going to start shaking from withdrawal at any second.Way to come back with a bang.
If you were building a outdoor kitchen with no gas grill (but a gas sideburner for sauces, soups, etc.), would you put in 2 eggs?

I will lose counter space if I add two eggs, and counter space is very important in a ODK, especially adjacent to the grill. Or even, what concerning the genuine living room exactly exactly where you may possibly require a spot to arranged which warm walk both morning whilst reading during the genuine paper.
Plus, they are loaded with convenience features to make your cooking experience even better! There will be a fair amount of entertaining (5-15 people) in this area, and it is adjacent to a pool and swim-up bar.
As nicely as, it could be an excellent add-on so which you can any kind of Workplace simply contemplating that it screams professionalism and relicapability and It’s the dynamite approach to create an impression on prospects or even brand new employs.
You are most likely thinking about, nicely, just how can the genuine cup espresso desk finish up being therefore versatile?
It will be difficult to add another egg as a built-in later once the counters are built and finished, hence I want to raise the issue now. During the holidays, I used one of the eggs for casserols while I had a turkey on the other. Certain, the very best is in fact cup, Even so you will get 1 along with stunning, hands created wood thighs made of walnut, cherry or even walnut. A far far more modern quite really feel can as well be an option answer exactly exactly where steel as nicely as cup intertwine within stylish, contemporary styles which provide an immediate quality in order to any kind of room.

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