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Awhile back Wood Magazine had an article on building a mobile outfeed table that would fit over your table saw. I thought it was a keen idea, but unfortunately I already had the outfeed table covering my saw and just bookmarked it for future use. The cabinet fits my table saw and has an extension wing on the left side for larger sheet goods. The back has the 4” dust port for the table saw that will mount to a box under the middle of the saw. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. I am curious to the height of the table to the table top- since a saw is lower than normal workbench.
My saw is an old Craftsman and the back of the saw is almost flush with the back of the top, so the motor should hang over and out the back.
On a side not, this entire cabinet will likely be built without much if any glue (except the laminated top, of course). Ad far as dimensions, the cabinet was sized to fit under my outfeed table with the wheels down and to match the current height of my table saw and base. In addition, once I get this thing finished and make sure the design matches the finished product, I’d be glad to make the Sketchup file as well as my cutting diagrams an piece dimension available in case you wanted to build one similar.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. My table saw is a Delta Contractor’s saw mounted in a set of four separate cabinets screwed to a base and also to each other making one big solid, and very heavy cabinet.
This looks like a great work center for those who must share their woodworking passion with the need to park cars and store lawn and gardening equipment in their 2 car garages.
GrenadaBarefoot writes: I don't really have any plans for the router table but I can collect the dimensions and lay it out. The Society's main event this year will be a salute to the wartime British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.
There will be the displays from visiting aviation groups and individuals, with model aircraft, aviation paintings, etc.
One of the highlights of this special day will be the official dedication of the 1:72 scale model of the #5 Elementary Flying Training School as it existed at High River, Alberta in the 1940's. Details of the day's agenda, will be mailed to all members in June with details of the day's itinerary and banquet ticket costs.
We look forward to a large turnout for this event and encourage all our members to join us on August 24, 2002. While the addition is not a large area, it has made a tremendous difference to the area as the visitor enters the museum. Another addition to the BCATP display will be a photographic treatise of the #19 Service Flying Training School (SFTS) which is located 19 miles east of Nanton, near Vulcan, AB. The daily dispatch blackboard from #19 SFTS, which has the names of the second last class to graduate from #19 in 1945 and of their instructors written in the original chalk, is still part of the display.
In December Bruce Winters of the Okotoks Air Park contacted us about the T-33 that has been mounted on a plinth near the Okotoks airport for a number of years. Your Society now owns the aircraft and has placed it on long term-loan with the Rocky Mountain House Flying Club (RMHFC). Four "tool cribs" now grace the walls near individual work stations, making tools easily available to the job at hand. Due to the generosity of one of our members, we now have a full 110 feet of door installed. The whole aspect of the daily operation of this Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum continues to be of the utmost interest to me and every experience is very rewarding.
As I enter the fifth year of being involved with the museum, I have to state that there is never a dull moment and I continue to enjoy every moment! Since the Fall 2001 newsletter was sent out some changes have taken place in contemplated work for the shop over winter. Also contributing to this change was the willingness of our AME volunteer Greg Morrison, to undertake the restoration of this component over winter.
Since the last news letter most of the fuselage formers are made and three floors finished.
Warmer weather to allow us to work in the hangar and mount the formers sand floors on ?Annie.? In the mean time volunteer Jack Hicks, Charles and Hugh Logie, Krysta Pedersen, Richard Adams, John Green, and myself have been busy sorting and cataloging parts, making formers, and rebuilding the crew door. The Society jointly with local Royal Canadian Legion #80 will rededicate the Cenotaph which was moved to the museum grounds last year. Date of the Third Annual Fly-in to the AJ Flying Ranch, sponsored by NLS and the Local Chapter of the Bomber Command Association of Canada. One of the projects underway in the shop is the restoration of a Bristol Turret from the Blenheim (Bolingbroke) bomber. With the cooperation of former RCAF personnel who flew the post war Lancasters, many stories and photographs have emerged regarding flights to Ireland, Florida, Alert, California, and Alaska. The Society's website is becoming an increasingly important way of how we deliver the history of Bomber Command and the BCATP to the public as several hundred people a day visit our museum through the Internet. The photo below is that of a simulator fuselage which was donated to the Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum by the Canadian Warplane Heritage (CWH) Museum, Hamilton, Ontario.
NLS will be adding a computer with the Flight Simulator program to this for a hands-on display for visitors, both young and older.

NLS extend THANKS to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum for this donation and also to the Calgary Aero Space Museum for transporting it along with some of these same simulator bodies acquired by their museum. Directors, Greg Morrison and Eric Bryant stand on the man-lift, while director Jim Weirsma uses a ladder.
All thtree are in the process of removing the walls that have covered the hangar door area since 1991.
The Society is very pleased with the work of the contractor, "The Door Doctor," Dave Gourley, and his crew. Buck will be missed by all his NLS friends and other regular volunteers who work in the museum restoration shop.
On behalf of everyone who worked with Buck at the museum, we extend deepest sympathy to his family. The late "Buck" Koral working in the NLS shop on another project that will enhance the museum.
The Nanton Lancaster Society extends deepest sympathy to the families and friends of these members. If you prefer a CUSTOM PRINTED version of this plan, you can order it now from our companion website and have it delivered to your door via PRIORITY MAIL. Regardconsiderably less of No matter whether It is cupboards or even cabinets you may well well be Creating There is certainly no discovering by way of by way of the reality that you are going to need to do the lot associated with dimensions very initial just before you start developing a couple ofthing. Regardconsiderably less of what you’re producing there call fors to be several form of intend to complete the genuine building from the task. Indeed, the actual desk programs really should be relatively basic to pull, Even so the trouble is Based on not quite the look procedure However within the real building method.
With that said, desk programs might too grow to be considerable functions associated with disciplines as well as sophisticated styles, as well as the proper furniture would be the toughest to create.
Obviously that does not imply thin the begin wooden employee cannot help to make desk programs with regard to on their own. I had noticed that you had a contractor saw verses a benchtop which is what appears in the plan. Housed in the router cabinet is a PC 690 router mounted in a Woodpecker’s cast aluminum router plate. It’s a large foot print in my little shop but it houses a lot of tools and keeps things well organized.
More importantly, adding a way to collect the chips when I’m not using my dust collecting fence (ideas are appreciated and welcome).
I will be sending this along to my son in hopes that he will need old dad to help him build this and get his woodworking efforts organized.
Most often it's sharpening, but I also use it for drilling, holding bench hooks and shooting boards and occassionally as a chop-saw station. In attendance will be a number of veterans who trained or instructed in this vast undertaking that graduated some 130,000 aircrew from 1940 to 1945.
This model had been under construction over the last three years, by Larry and Debra Kunz of St. The area that had been previously designated to the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) in conjunction with other smaller displays is now totally dedicated to this theme. The photographs are the work of local RCMP officer, Danny Palmer, whose hobby is photography.
Society member, Maurice Galli, who is also a member of the flying club, helped to formulate the loan agreement. He has added several additions and improvements in the museum shop over the last six months. In addition, Don has built a table saw cabinet which can be easily moved on its retractable casters, with drawers for accessories, Skil saws, etc.
Our museum's good friend Alex Bahlsen donated a substantial sum of money towards the purchase of the additional hangar door sections. Last November, NLS member Alex Bahlsen, flew his vintage Stearman into a field adjacent to the town and taxied it to the museum. I have had so many new experiences in the past months, that it would take too long to describe them all! It was also decided to restore this part of the aircraft to an airworthy standard due to its relatively good condition (other than the skin).
Thanks also to Bob Long and John Phillips AME, who are assisting Greg with this restoration. The Society extends a grateful THANKS to Ken Townend, Douglas Sample and the Yorkshire Air Museum for enhancing this display. Volunteer Charlie Cobb, who drives from Calgary nearly every ?Tuesday work night,? is in charge of this project. One is presently installed (unrestored but complete with imitation machine guns) in the restored Blenheim that is on display in the hangar.
It begins by describing the aircraft's early years as it flew to England after the war ended and then returned to Canada only to be placed in long-term storage in southern Alberta.
Our volunteer website manager has made significant upgrades to the site over the past few months. CWH had acquired as number of these ?P-51s? and offered some of them to members of the Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association (CAPA) members at that organization?s convention last fall. 4 announce the death of John Drewery (he had been a war correspondent) and I am enclosing a contribution in his memory to the Nanton Lancaster Society.

His energy and dedication to whatever project was underway in the shop helped tremendously to complete several displays and make the museum a better place to visit.
As well as without Getting any kind of programs with regard to these sorts of cupboards or even cabinets after that you will be going to have to do which your self too. Are you currently able to picture in the event that all of us did not possess any sort of programs to put into practice. Genuinely with regard to the basic associated with furniture you require to obtain the perspectives from the thighs correct or else you’ll end up Having an every cockeyed furniture piece! Genuinely among the first stuff that is in reality advised is the fact is how the commenceing wooden employee make use of a noticed equine or perhaps a noticed table. With the table saw extension wing on the right side being the place I do most of my layout work (among many other tasks), I wanted to get the most used tools close at hand. It is one of the better thought out work centers with plenty of tool storage, that I’ve seen. He asked if we would like a model built of one of the BCATP bases in Southern Alberta and that he would do this for the cast of the materials and transportation to Nanton when it was completed. The floor area will be kept relatively clear except for a couple of medium-sized artifacts and a "greeter" in full wartime dress uniform. The model of #5 EFTS has been the main addition and integrating it into the area made it necessary to change the position of other items. This Flying Club is a "gung-ho" group; they removed the T-33 from its pedestal and hauled it to "Rocky" in one day!
Last year he extended airline outlets throughout the shop and electrical outlets over each work station. With this incentive, your Society went ahead with this project which otherwise was slated for two years hence.
As time progresses, I am learning new things about the history that the Society is trying to portray and also about the operation of the museum. Yale stated that the engine and wing centre-section for the Yale would likely be the next items due for restoration. With volunteer work being done by Greg, the costs of certified materials being little more than those used for static restoration made this feasible. Thanks to locating a fairly complete original floor a a pattern, Harry?s drafting talents have now created a drawing that will allow us to construct a cockpit floor as in the original Ansons.
Even so how about in the event that you may possibly possibly be going to end up being Producing a desk?
Well obviously, if you will be such as me personally you’d possibly wind up paralyzed regarding how to start.
As nicely as once once again Depending on which type of desk the actual perspectives as properly as edges should be pretty precise too. Using the proper training (I ‘m not extremely speaking the four 12 months level here) you will get began rapidly upon all of your tasks. The two center casters were added to the design after realizing the 84” span may have been too wide and I wanted to avoid any possible sagging in the middle.
We immediately accepted his offer and chose the High River, #5 Elementary Flying Training School (EFTS).
They are presently cleaning and repairing the aircraft for mounting it at the Rock airport sometime in May. Don is a licensed electrician and gas fitter in addition to his other talents of carpentry and handyman extraordinary! The tracks are split and the "pillars" (with the lower roller track sections attached) between the doors roll off to one side after the doors are raised, leaving a clear span large enough to roll the Lancaster out!
This knowledge requires taking on more tasks in addition to duties that were originally in my job description when I became museum manager.
A review of this project in December resulted in these items being relegated to the back burner and the Yale rear fuselage section being brought into the shop instead. The accompanying photos will hopefully give the reader some idea of the progress up to late March. One will be used as a display unto itself to show visitors the workings of this 1930?s design. The real desk programs need to be quite fundamental to complete should not these individuals? The wonder and at the same time the difficulty is not eincredibly withwithin the desk by itself Neverthesignificantly less in your time and effort this required to assume this type of a bit of wooden operating competence, and as well the action this required to show this in to 1 completed item. However, when used for the router, I clamp a custom router fence with a vacuum hookup to the Biesemeyer. With this project not fully complete and needing a couple of tweaks it seems to always be a work in progress. Right now the lion’s share ends up below the saw behind the clean-out door and I clean it out as required. I’m not sure the Shop-Vac is a great solution for the saw though (maybe I can use the Shop-Vac with a chip separator in between [?]).

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