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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I designed my sled so I can replace the MDL sled table once too much of it has been sacrificed to cutting and dadoing. I needed an extension table for my Table saw and I also needed additional storage space for all those table saw accessories that seem to accumulate over time. JIMSSOLIDWOODPROD writes: Very nice design, l was planing to make a simulr one to put my router into think could be used for both, any suggestions?
How did you secure the metal support on extension, if they fold down to the sides when not neededl was thinking of making one on each end and make on back as a outfeed table. In my next table I may design and build a replaceable cut path insert much like a tablesaw uses.
I added a quik clamp to snug stock against the fence, but the quik clamp can easily be removed when I do not need it.

It is best to use a "spreading style" quik clamp so you can take the head off and remove it from the sled. I witnessed a horrific accident because the user had a sled with no blade guard on the exit path of the blade. I used brass nut inserts for every bolt. You can see that I used UHMW stock for the miter slot rails. Please note that you must drill and counter sink for the screws in the UHMW, and do not drive the screws from the sled top into the UHMW.
I did this and found that when screws are driven into the UHMW that this plastic "swells" and made the rails jam in the saw table slots. Both Rockler and Woodcraft have the UHMW material.   Pic 4I thought I was being clever when I fitted a LED light into a pocket to give me light on the blade and cut path. Dopey me, it does not help when setting up a cut as the blade first contacts the wood on the FAR side of the light source!

I secure the fence face with double stick tape so I can easily remove it and re-surface it in my planner after it gets banged up too much. All sleds I have ever seen tend to ignore the back fence as the sled builders regard this feature as there only to hold the sled halves together. I however noticed that it was important to have a stout back fence to help prevent warping and keep the sled square.

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