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With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can construct a Sturdy TV Tray Table, as shown here.
Gather and relax outdoor, on the beach, or around the campfire, by sit around a snacks table. With much of the Halloween hullabaloo centering around the yummy treats you can gather, we suggest setting up a grown-up snack and candy table as the center of your rehearsal party. Have a towering “haunted tree” double as your snack table centerpiece and a handy favor display! For a centerpiece, stand several bare branches painted black in a large pot or planter, and cover this container with fabric. Hang colorfully-wrapped bundles of candy, popcorn, and other goodies on the bare branches as extra take-home treats for guests. For a more eerie or Halloween-ish look, you can add tea lights or candles amidst the snacks setup and dim the venue lights! To go with the wines, impress guests with a delectable selection of gourmet cheeses, nuts, and fresh fruits. Continue the gourmet slant of your snacks table with a variety of cheeses, nuts, and fresh fruits. To satisfy hungrier guests, you can also whip up your specialty pasta dish and serve it along with crusty fresh-baked breads. In case the rehearsal run-through worked up some guests’ appetites, you may also want to have a heavier entree or two on hand. The food looks so wonderful, and it’s so nice to serve up a hearty, but easy to prepare dish like pasta at a party! As a compromise with the Montessori weaning table, I did create a small area next to our kitchen, pantry and dinning table that gives Cam a small table for snacks. This item must be shipped via ground delivery.This item ships directly from the manufacturer.
Our TV Tray Table Set in natural beechwood will provide you with the extra table space you need while entertaining or when you want to have a snack in your recliner while watching TV. Please keep in mind that the 1:00 pm same day shipping for in stock orders shipping ground is a goal that we hit most of the time but is not a guarantee. The Organization Store sells some items that are just too big or heavy to ship via our small parcel carriers like Fed Ex. Drop ship means that an order, or part of an order will be shipped to you directly from our vendor.
The following delivery timetable map is an estimate only, and applies only to FedEx Ground Shipping. For refused or returned to sender packages, we will deduct the amount of the return shipping from your return.

You are responsible for all item(s) until they are received by the Organization-Store Returns Department. We make every attempt to keep your order from getting damaged; however, damages and defects do occur.
If the item was damaged by our carrier we will ask you to keep the item for 10 days from the time you notify us. Offer up a selection of 2 to 3 kinds of wine—nothing too costly, just pleasant to the palate!
For cheeses, offer an interesting selection with at least a couple of the soft variety (boursin, brie, camembert, feta, goat cheese, mascarpone, or gorgonzola) and a couple of the hard variety (edam, gruyere, emmentaler, parmigiano, cheddar, or gouda). Just choose your favorites from among walnuts, pistachios, almonds, hazel nuts, cashews, and pecans! Offer up a tempting array of childhood Halloween favorites in a candy display using sorbet cups and wine goblets.
We realized that grown-ups (unlike kids) may not be able to survive on candy alone…even if this is a Halloween-themed party!
I like the idea that Cam can determine when she needs a little snack or drink during the day without being overly reliant on me to get it for her. This set of four Rectangular TV trays is a nice addition to any home because you will have access to instant tables anywhere you need them. We have found that having accurate weights and shipping based on those weights is the best way to obtain fair and correct shipping costs.
We reserve the right to use which ever carrier or method we feel is the most cost effective method to have your package arrive in the time you specified in your shippng choice. For expedited shipping (2nd Day or Next Day Air) we guarantee to ship in stock orders the same day if the order is received by 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. We can not ship the same day for any order where all items ordered are not in stock, or the item will be drop shipped from our vendor. These items are identified on the individual item pages and require us to use an LTL (less than truckload) carrier. All customers outside the United States are responsible for any additional duties, taxes or charges assessed by their governments.
Fed Ex charges us a fee of $13.00 for all address corrections including incorrect or missing business names. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days. If you receive a damaged or defective product, please notify us within 10 days at 1-800-210-7712.
You get to time your rehearsal party right around this theme—and plan a really fun gathering.

And for autumn season fruits, apples, pears, grapes, and citruses like lemons, limes, and oranges should be readily available at your local farmer’s market.
Because it is portable I have also started pulling it out into the middle of the floor while I cook dinner. Please see our International Shipping Information Page for more information about international shipments. Expedited orders are not moved or delivered over weekends or holidays, so those days should not be counted for the expected delivery time. Also if you provide us with a questionable or inaccurate shipping address or we will have to contact you regarding your payment your shipment will be delayed. For drop shipped items you will not see a quantity under the shipped column on your invoice. We must pass this fee on to you if you provide inaccurate shipping information on your order so please double check your address before you complete your order.
By the beginning of December we will put a countdown clock on the site for ground holiday shipments identifying how much time you have to order to receive your shipment by Christmas. Then, present these all on special serve ware—vintage “depression glass” would be lovely—in honor of the special occasion! Why not angel hair pasta with basil pesto sauce, creamy chicken carbonara (see recipe), extra-cheesy mac and cheese, or a nice and spicy arrabiata (see recipe)? I place some crayons or a toy on it to keep her entertained and it keeps her close enough to me that she doesn’t become clingy.
Factors such as severe weather conditions and holidays should be considered when calculating Ground shipping time. This minimalist low table by Blue Ridge Chair, suitable paired with a low chair, or just sit on the mat alone. Place single-serve portions in ramekin dishes along with mini appetizer forks, so guests can help themselves with ease. Once we receive and review the images we will ship you a replacement item (or parts) at no charge to you. Keep in mind that the shipping weight may be higher than the actual weight of the order because shipping weight takes in to account the dimensional weight (how much space the package takes up) of the shipment.
For example a large plastic crate may only weigh a few pounds but it will ship at a much higher weight because of its size.

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