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Home » Kitchen Cabinet » What is the Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height?What is the Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height? They are the base cabinets, the wall cabinets, and also the space between the wall cabinets. However, there are not a lot of people who know exactly the standard size of the kitchen cabinet for the height, width, and length. They also do not pay too much attention about the right size they should follow to their kitchen cabinet they have at home.

The standard kitchen countertop should be one and a half inch while the tall should be 36 inches.
By the size of this height will match the standalone stoves or the oven and it will fit the standard size of the dishwasher. Meanwhile the base cabinets will be available in the size of 30 to 31 inches of the height.
For the space between the wall cabinets, it should be installed 18 inches from the countertop.

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