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This is the second review of three TaylorMade golf ball models I’m in the process of reviewing. Today I began my testing of the new TaylorMade Tour Preferred golf ball having completed my testing of the Project (a) ball. Being self employed, I end up playing a lot of mid-week golf with random guys I run into at the course. Prepared to be awed, I was a little shocked to realize that while he was a super nice guy and very well dressed, he was a gawd awful golfer. After years of buying the wrong bag, I have finally figured out exactly what are the most important features.
Overall, I give the TaylorMade Catalina pockets an A- only because they do not have a world class feel that I have seen in other comparably priced bags.
Other features to note is the lift grip at the bottom of the bag, which is handy for taking the bag out of the car.
The final verdict: Solid cart bag that is well thought out and hits nearly all of major feature requirements. The TaylorMade Tour Stand bag can be described as the perfect marriage between premium materials, high technology and beautiful styling, in one almost perfect package. In case you were wondering what Tour players are carrying on the golf course, well, if they would walk alone that is, the answer my friends is the Tour Stand Bag, and I am not mincing words here. One day last summer I was just about to tee off when a big athletic young guy rolled up and asked if he could join me. Now I respect the brandwhore as much as the next guy but it was slightly amusing to see someone go full Monty. From a personal preference standpoint, I like a regular sized bag as the others are all a bit overkill.

One nice feature I rarely see is that they made the ball pocket (bottom front) fully removable so that it can be taken off for easy embroidery.
First off, I really like having 14 individual club slots because it not only helps organize your bag but can also help reduce the chances you will forget a club. Instead, there is one divider for each grouping of clubs (except the putter which has its own).
There are also two complementing grips on the top of the bag, which makes taking the bag in and out of the trunk much easier than just using a handle.
0 bag.the consensus of a lot of people is a couple of years old bag is just a little better than the 2015 model year.
The TaylorMade Tour Stand Bag is a piece of golf gear which feels and looks like a true show piece, but it delivers all the performance that you'll ever require for the walk from eighteen greens to eighteen tees. Now the reason I recall this particular person is because he was dressed head to toe in TaylorMade gear including the latest polo, shorts, hat, driver and irons (he may have literally rolled out of a TMAG advertisement). Now I am not saying my list should be your list, but I submit that my list is pretty darn solid and if any bag can meet these standards it is a winner. Beers go in the side cooler pocket, and finally, there’s the long side pocket are where I can stuff a sweater or jacket.
All pockets are lined with a slick material except the valuables pocket which has a soft interior.
The Catalina cart bag’s club grid puts four clubs on each side, three in a middle row, two near the back and a putter slot in the front. I may sound poetical, but I've been using this baby for quite a while and it's one of my all time favorites. Basically, I want to be able to store all the basics plus a jacket and maybe a six pack of beer.

There are two generous side pockets, two garment pockets, a top pocket, a soft-sided valuables pocket and a cooler that will hold 5 beers.
I ended up putting woods in the middle row with my primary clubs on the sides, keeping my least used clubs in the back. For some people this is a big deal because grips will end up touching each other and sometimes you will have to jiggle the club to get it all the way into the bag.
At a closer inspection, you'll discover hard shell accessory pockets for increased protection, an umbrella cord with locking toggle, a rain hood and the four point shoulder strap (anti-fatigue). If you are considering the bag for a push cart, I can tell you it sets up very well for a Sun Mountain.
Small inconvenience, if needed I could always use a few of the older tubes I have laying around .Thanks again.
The TaylorMade Tour Stand Bag is built using brushed (micro perforated) synthetic leather, it has a black gun-metal hardware and towel clip and it features an anti split stand system, together with an over-sized hip pad and a bottom lift-assist handle. Once again, there are 14 club dividers but there are only 5 dividers that go all the way down to the bottom of the bag. Weighing 6.5 lbs, the TaylorMade Tour Stand Bag it's very easy to recommend, due to its versatility and practicality, being the full package kind of a deal in an exciting and modern design.

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