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Earlier this week, TaylorMade Golf announced that their newest driver, the JetSpeed, will hit store shelves in December.
Perhaps a better question would be why TaylorMade is saturating the golf club market with their products in the first place.
If you’re a golf company, the surest way to improve sales is to put new equipment on the shelf. What gets lost in all the outrage over new equipment (above and beyond that fact that from a revenue perspective, it’s a winner) is that none of you are on the same buying schedule?
I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Titleist’s metalwood market share is going to dip in 2014.
Even if you may rationalize it differently, for the majority of consumers, newer is better.
Another way to look at this marketing campaign and business model by TaylorMade is from the consumer’s perspective. Even if there really is absolutely no performance difference (never true, they’re always different – different doesn’t always mean better) from one season’s driver to the next, that argument ignores the fact that even under the best of scenarios, 97% of the population didn’t buy the previous model. Just because you bought a new driver this year, or last year, or even the year before, it doesn’t mean everybody else did. AboutGolf Unfiltered is a blog dedicated to bringing readers a no-frills, straightforward view on the golf industry as a whole. TaylormadeThe brief was to stop time on the PGA Tour and freeze seven tour pros in mid-swing like ice sculpture. The Tour Preferred (l) and tour Preferred X golf balls take over as TaylorMade's flagship models. A lot of us in the golf industry got our first look at the new Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X golf balls from TaylorMade at the PGA Merchandise Show last week.
Well, TaylorMade replied with an emphatic yes last weekend, when Sergio Garcia won the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters and Jessica Korda won the Pure Silk Bahamas Classic with Tour Preferred X balls. These two new spheres take over as the flagship balls in the TaylorMade line, and the company calls them tour-caliber balls that provide complete tee-to-green performance. One new technology in the new balls is what TaylorMade calls Soft Tech, the company's softest and most durable cover to date. Inside both models is a REACT Core for greater ball speed on all shots, along with a Spin Mantle designed to deliver precise and consistent spin rates on shots throughout the bag.

The Tour Preferred is designed for players looking for more spin in their mid- to long-iron shots.
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The manufacturer does not currently allow their products to be sold via the automated online checkout. The TaylorMade SLDR Driver uses a lower and more forward centre of gravity within its clubhead design to offer incredible amounts of low spin and high launch so you can actually increase the loft angle on the clubface in order to gain blistering carry and yardage. The TaylorMade SLDR is built to allow straighter, longer tee shots by promoting higher launching shots with a lower spinning yet faster ball speed from impact.
New SLDR technology could not be easier to use and re-invents moveable weight technology bringing it into a new era.
The new SLDR weight incorporated into the new driver slides on a track on the sole of the clubhead which never comes off the clubhead however to move the 20 gram SLDR weight you simply loosen the screw, slide the weight to your desired position and re tighten to secure the weight.
Following on from the huge success of the R1 driver the SLDR also uses Loft Sleeve Technology which allows you to adjust the loft angle meaning you can adjust between 12 loft positions within a range of plus or minus 1.5 degrees of the start loft to get the exact launch angle your after.
The aesthetics of the SLDR Driver impresses us greatly, with fantastic head shape and visual accents the SLDR Driver is one of the best looking Drivers we have ever stocked.
All Acushnet, Titleist, FootJoy and Pinnacle trademarks and logos are the intellectual property of Acushnet. After all, they are by far one of the most popular golf equipment brands in the game and have been in more PGA Tour winner’s bags than the majority of their competitors. To account for that, golf companies need to have reasonably new product on the shelves all the time.
And even if you aren’t willing to except that, the reality is that newer outsells older, and that’s what really matters. Simply put, the average golfer does not need the latest and greatest equipment to be happy.
Hell, I can promise you that the tremendous majority of golfers didn’t buy a new driver this year. We understand that while we may take the game of golf very seriously, we almost never take ourselves seriously. 22-24 in Orlando, showcased thousands of new products great and small from hundreds of vendors.

That gave TaylorMade wins in two of the three big events played around the globe last week.
As a result, they say, they expect most of their staff players to join Garcia and Korda in switching to them over the next few months. Made of a cast urethane, the new cover provides an even softer feel around the greens than previous TaylorMade offerings.
Please give us a call on 0116 2765 533 and one of our Golf experts will help you to choose the right options for your game and easily guide through the sales process. The New TaylorMade SLDR Driver which is currently in the bags of PGA Tour Professionals such as Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose and Jason Day is now the longest driver that TaylorMade have produced and it will be sure to make you even longer from the tee than before. When TaylorMade were designing this latest Moveable Weight Technology Driver even they didn’t think they would challenge the laws of distance so aggressively which is evident in the fact that PGA Tour Pro’s have made it the #1 Driver on tour inside 4 weeks from launch! By moving the 20 gram slider the clubheads CG location can be moved horizontally toward either the heel (to promote a draw) or toward the toe (to promote a fade). With markings on the sole for Draw and Fade positioning using the sliding weight could not be easier to help you get the shape of tee shot you demand. The SLDR has a charcoal grey top crown with a chrome button back to offer an incredible visual behind the ball at set-up.
The Soft Tech cover also lasts longer and will provide higher resistance to shearing, while the 322-dimple pattern is designed to minimize distance loss on low-spin shots and maintain a penetrating ball flight into the wind. Definitely a driver to hit and put in your bag the SLDR will be one of the hot products to watch out for in the latter part of 2013. It’s because Callaway, and TaylorMade, and PING, and Nike, and Cobra, and, and, and…will all have newer drivers on the shelf. You can also find last year’s driver in the bargain bin of your local golf shop, which is an added plus. The Slide weight is 20 grams in weight and is also responsible for helping keep the clubheads CG low and forward for incredible launch conditions and distance.

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