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But, it was after a conversation with my parents after they had returned from a country cottage holiday that got me pondering the small niceties that the owners of the cottage had left for them, and that taking something so very ordinary as a bag of tea, packaging it up, and making it look stunning made a huge difference. So please do enjoy the video, and remember, there’s only a week left of Sale a Bration to join my team or to get hold of the stunning free products. If you’d like any of the supplies, to shop, or to get a catalogue, please feel free to contact me, and of course you can shop online with Stampin’ Up! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All content on this blog is the the property of Sam Hammond Donald, Stampin' Up!® Independent Demonstrator.

And whether you’re looking for an awesome bracelet or wondering how to do a chocolate fruit dessert, FabDiy is the perfect place to find the answers! You can take that box and make a nice holder which will only take you about 6 minutes or so. Projects, videos, photos, ideas and articles are shared for personal use only and may not be removed, duplicated, or copied without permission. You can even do as the picture shows and make a nice tea pot out of the cardboard for your needs. All materials unless otherwise noticed were taken from internet and are assumed to be in public domain.

However, I do appreciate that I’m a minority, particularly in Britain where we seem to keep the country running on the stuff! Any violation of copyright is unintentional. Any material will be removed immediately upon presented proof.

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