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I’ve just written an article about a living room that has been upcycled and built with less than 100 euros. But for everyone thinking about working with wood pallets, please remember they can be VERY dangerous. Antique very well beams show their grooves and age on the pinnacle corners of this eating table, making it a terrific spot for your family and pals to gather. These magical little homes are perfect rainy-day crafts for kids of all ages, including 30-something creative types who just happen to have a penchant for all things mystical and adorable. You don’t have to rival Da Vinci with excruciating detail, but just draw a guideline to work from.
Since you’ve already decided what the outside of your fairy house is going to look like, you can start attaching things to it in order to bring it to life. If you enjoy the process of creating your pixie home, you might branch out eventually and have an entire village arranged around your garden.
If you have a phone with a charger on the bottom (a la iPhone) If you make the cut with the table saw first, then drill a hole to the center bottom of it, that might work? After sending off my boy to school, I returned for a few more dreamy dreams, then finally started my day. I’m creating some new ways to encourage creative types with or without building experience to push a few boundaries of their own, all through these little guys. I’m sure you creative gal’s well get it all done, waiting to see them have fun doing what you love!!
I am so inspired by your beautiful creations and would love to win a toolbox kit as I have a very tiny kitchen with limited drawer space, I could put kitchen tools in the box as well as display it proudly!
If you are ever in the neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, go to  Windmill Woodworks, who make furniture out of reclaimed wood. We are now designing and making furniture out of our products using the concept of mixing new materials with old. We have just finished making this coffee table from our new range of furniture.They are made from 100 % reclaimed Victorian pine floorboards and waxed finished. This one has a smaller table that slides out from underneath to give you more surface area to put things on should you need it. Established over 60 years ago, Mr T Lawson senior saw the quality of timber and various other materials that was starting to be taken out of buildings after the war, also in the old Lancashire cotton mills that were dis-used or undergoing renovation. From the ways they are treated, to things they were shipped with, to toxic mold and fungus that can be growing deep inside the wood-there are many potential dangers that come with wood pallet projects. These are the tables which can be crafted from reclaimed wood from the systems of buildings, bridges, factories, homes, so on and so forth.
This eclectic table suits seamlessly into this contemporary eating room and is surely a conversation starter.
The legs on the corners provide a bit more seating area perfect for an identical bench to slide below. They can be simple or ornate, mostly made from foraged bits or completely crafted from recycled materials—how you choose to construct yours is entirely up to you. Take the general shape of the base structure you have and determine how you’re going to decorate it. You’ll then use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe away the excess so that most of the stones are somewhat visible, with the grout forming a mortar in between them.
The long drippy threads left by hot glue can actually add a special shimmer to your piece, so feel free to leave them on.
We make a simple cube charging station out of reclaimed pallet wood.   A few weeks ago, I built a large state sign for my wall from a busted up pallet. Shaking my head free of the cobwebs, I flat out realized I wasn’t ready to start my day quite yet. With the friendly BFF Monday challenge creeping up between my friend and I, I needed to get busy and put a few of these toolbox kits together left over from the Expo event! If you were to ask me if toolboxes have personalities, I’d offer up an astounding YES. Some in a personal workshop way, some in a take it home and make it there way, and finally, a way to read it at your leisure and build it when you wanna way.

I love how you can see ordinary scrap stuff in a totally different way and make something beautifully quirky, cute and useful out of it! We have an invasive buckthorn problem in our area so we’re always looking for ways to use this unending supply of wood.
They don’t look that hard to do, so I hope to finally get one or two done in the next bit. Would be so cute with my industrial decor dining room makeover that I am in the middle of. As we make them and finish them ourselves you can choose the colour and choose the size to suit your own personal requirments,totally bespoke. And don't forget to take a look at our Interesting Items page which is updated regularly - you never know what you might fancy on there.
The list was quite long but definitely not exhaustive and since we’ve received good feedback we decided to continue with a second part of the article where we present you even more unique projects you can create with the help of pallets.
Rustic eating chairs also are from effect Imports and they’re made from reclaimed antique boom teak. We strive to recognition on bringing vintage wooden returned to life in portions that may be used and loved for future years.
The idea is to express creativity while creating adorable little refuges in which enchanting creatures may dwell. It’s also usually a good idea to seal the piece with something like acrylic gloss gel medium to keep rain from attacking it. You could prep the site by putting down moss and pressing in some shale stepping-stones leading up to it, and even plant some miniature flowers around it. Since it's going to be on the nightstand, I didn't want something too large, but a few of the bigger pieces may be made into tablet stands in the near future. This was a pain due to the thickness, so I had to go slow and evacuate the sawdust out often for a nice clean hole. I actually took a few of the rusted nails from the pallet and pounded them back into the block at this point for a bit of extra character. I had worked the dayjob the day before, then blogged at night, so I was lacking some sleep for sure.
Our philosophy is to use uncomplicated design with traditional construction methods to achieve functional and user-friendly pieces that have all been individually manufactured. Everything we make is bespoke so send us your ideas, plans and sizes and our team of craftsmen will make anything you require. In addition, recycled wood frequently seems to look more beautiful than new due to its specific look. The wood we use for this piece can be responsibly reclaimed from barns, warehouses, factories, and houses which might be being taken down or remodeled. Or will it be a stone structure with a little chimney on top? Will there be an elaborate patio and lovely little window-boxes filled with miniature flowers? So, this weekend, I cleaned off my nightstand to simplify my daily landing space, and this project just seemed to be just the right fit. One of the things I liked about the small block I picked was the light "China Treated" stamp that I traced and rubbed down with lubricant oil to make stand out a bit more. I drilled the hole to give the bottom of the slot some play as I will be sliding the phone in and out often so I don't want it too tight.
I cut one pass, then moved the fence back a bit for the second pass which left a clean slot the length of the block.
This is a truly bespoke service that offers clients to have the chance to own something that has been made from materials that have already stood the test of time. DIY wine tasting room pallet shelving.View in galleryThis is an ingenious project created by a couple that opened a wine tasting room and decided to go with a rustic look. First, it’s ecological as it uses wood that otherwise would have long past to landfill. You could take some time to help it merge into its surroundings by adding similar materials to those you used to build it in and around the location. As a result they decided to use reclaimed pallets, wine casks, and burlap to create a DIY bar.

Perhaps toolboxes (minus the bottom) in a flower garden: small plants in each section with the tool boxes creating their own border.
They ended up with an original, functional and very cheap bar that they were able to make themselves.2.
Display shelves.View in galleryEven though shelves were created as a functional way of adding some useful storage space, they can also be used as a decorative space in the form of display shelves. If you care for a table of recycled wood properly, it’s going to serve for many years. Kitchen shelves.View in galleryOne place where you can never have too much storage space is the kitchen.
Shelves usually come in very handy in kitchens for items that you either use very often and you avoid storing them in cabinets or for items that you rarely use and that are used mostly for display. All they did was to mount it on the wall and use some paint to give it a fresh and dynamic look.
You can use different colors like in this case or go for something simpler.Sofas and benches5. DIY potting bench.View in gallery If you like flowers, here’s an original idea for a new garden accessory.
Of course, you can come up with your own design, maybe a more elaborate one that would accommodate even more plants. Imagine doing that in a comfortable lounge chair that, by the way, you can create by yourself.
We’ve presented a similar project in the first article so you can check that one for more details on how to make the chair.7. Pallet bed platform.View in galleryAs you’ve seen by now, there are many ways in which you can use pallets to create useful items for the home. Toddler pallet bed.View in gallerySince it’s so easy and cheap to create pieces of furniture using pallets, why not use them for more elaborate projects, like a toddler bed for example. They are basically already cut to the right dimensions and all you have to do is stack two of them one on top of each other, secure them and add a mattress. If you’re feeling especially talented, you can also add some storage units like drawers for example but you’re going to need a lot of patience for that. Pallet picnic table.View in galleryThis colorful item is a picnic table and it was made from a pallet. Pallet sectional and matching table.View in galleryHere’s a more elaborate project that involves a sectional and matching coffee table.
Just cut the pallet into the shape you desire and visit the hardware store for some casters.
Pallet desk.If you feel like you need a place in the house just for you, where you could work or simply be alone, maybe you should make yourself a desk. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for that because you can make it from wood pallets. Pallet sofa.View in galleryIt might not seem like a very elegant option, but you can actually use pallets to create a sofa for your living room. It might not be the best choice for an elegant living room, but in a contemporary home it would actually integrate nicely.
You can paint it in a similar color as the one of the mattress or cushions you’re planning or using like in this example or you can have fun and go crazy with the colors.24. Outdoor dining table.View in galleryWhen you think about it, a wood dining table would actually integrate naturally into the decor.
Union Jack coffee table.View in gallery View in galleryThis is actually similar to other coffee tables we’ve already presented.

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