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Perhaps our finest project to date, we here at Black Dog Timberworks are utterly proud to have had the opportunity to create this custom 36 x 54 Timber Frame Barn on the shores of Sebago Lake in Maine. The timber frame is common rafters on a wall system with 30′ eave and mid-span plates running the length of the barn, scarfed at the middle bent. The front half of the barn, which is completely open to the roof rafters, is accessed by the main set of sliders on the Gable end of the barn. All in all, this custom crafted 36 x 54 timber frame barn is truly stunning, both inside and out.

The barn featured in the photographs on this page was built to hold all our equestrian plant equipment. As you can see there is plenty of space for two large JCBs, dumpers and other smaller plant.
Our Reviews from David Northend LouthMorley Equestrian have just finished my new stables and fencing. Just browse our online shop, and click 'Buy Now' beside the items that you wish to buy and put them into the shopping cart.

Window sashes are by Strafford Window out of NH, and all metal work was done by Ridlon Metal Shop in Casco, ME.

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