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Be the real food hero at potlucks and parties with recipes that taste amazing and won't break the bank! Second, I had this great list of meal planning tips from readers on Facebook that just had to be shared in a larger, more permanent platform. This post is sponsored by Plan to Eat because they know the vital importance of meal planning – but all opinions are my own. I’m always encouraged by the deep wisdom and practical tips that the ladies (and 2% men, hee hee!) in the KS community share when I ask questions about their real food experience. Start by looking at what you already have and think of things that will use those things up. Prep ahead-when you bring home the groceries-seperate the meat and either cook ahead and season with ground meats or marinate the breasts, chops etc and then freeze. Write down all of the meals that your family likes-– so you KNOW you have a good pool of meals to pull from. If you can’t plan multiple days in a row, at least have a clear plan before lunchtime (at the very latest). In the notes on my iPhone I keep a list of all the meals we like as well as ALL the ingredients needed to make that meal.
I shop the advertiser for best meal deals and I have a list tapped to the inside of a cabinet door of the quick favorites to pick from when I just can’t seem to think or need to go shopping. Plan to Eat, an online meal planning software that allows you to plan 100% of your own favorite recipes and auto-generates a shopping list, has been a KS sponsor for a long time. When I am on my phone, it automatically goes to the shopping list, which makes me feel cool. The grocery list gets a little overwhelming – looking at all the ingredients from a week’s worth of food is a lot of line items!

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the mechanics of Plan to Eat, now that I’ve dug into it a bit!
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I could toss some frozen chicken nuggets and fries or pre-packaged boxed dinner on the stove and make it by 6:15 or so.
I tried to use some new recipes the first few weeks from the KS group, which I had a lot of fun browsing, and any recipes online (or that are at least typed up already) only take about 30 seconds to import. It’s driving me nuts to have to turn it back on and unlock it every time I need to look at a new ingredient!
I believe that God calls us to be good stewards of all His gifts as we work to feed our families: time, finances, the good green earth, and of course, our healthy bodies.
But, it is very quick and easy to check off the things you do not need to buy from the list and delete before you get to the store. First, for all those who are struggling with keeping a consistent schedule for their meals, I feel the need to pop in every few months with some encouragement. It’s a shopping list, price guide, money-saving tips and detailed prep lists all rolled into one. Shop at home first through the pantry, freezer and fridge and make a list with only the necessary items needed. Now, I have specific dishes in mind when I buy things, and I only buy enough for that week’s meals.
If you just input the ones you need for the week, it doesn’t feel like a big investment at all. But if I don’t get around to making the recipe, I have to remember to manually slide the recipe over to another day.

Just take one day (or week) at a time, the same as you need to do to make meal planning work in reality, whether you use a computer or not.
I replace pantry items when I need them, so I think I like those items staying in the regular list so I can check if I need to buy them or not. Don’t think you have to sit down on day one and input the top 50 of your family’s favorite recipes!
The plus side is that it’s quicker and less messy to do that than my old paper-and-pencil system with all the crossing out and rewriting on a new day.
Just enter the coupon code KS15 before checking out for 15% off the 3-month or annual packages. Then I got a tablet and discovered evernote and I keep my running meal plan in there (I keep the current week at the top and then shift it to the bottom when I plan the next week). If you aren’t yet ready to commit you can download a 2-week sample menu OR purchase a single month to give it a go. The best part is that it has little checkboxes so you can take off the things you have before you add them to your list.
I usually pull it up on my laptop and my tablet simultaneously and have the plan on my laptop and enter items on my tablet.

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