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You might also like to see the top 20 Corner Sheds currently on sale in the UK by visiting the WhatShed Corner Sheds award league table. This is a corner shed that is used primarily as a gardener’s shed, for storage mainly. As a mark of the quality of the building, the roof is a standard roof that happens to include tongue and groove work. As with many buildings at this price range, you are looking at a roof covering of felt, green mineral felt in this instance This will keep the shed in good order for a number of years, but you will find yourself patching and replacing over time. The shed is perfect for a potting shed level of use, and the corner design means it can fit into most gardens, even as a second shed. A great feature that instantly sets this shed apart from many others in the price range (in our opinion) is the fact that there is thicker farming in this build. Then we come to the flooring, which again has already been covered in excellent tongue and groove work. The good news is that you are already getting a lot for your money here, so customisation isn’t that necessary.
We were not entirely happy with the roof covering (especially as the roof is not pent), and this is something that you need to consider.
Our professional installation team are on hand to build your new garden shed for you whilst you sit back and relax.We aim to install your new garden product within seven working days after you receive delivery.
The 10' x 6' Walton's Select Tongue and Groove Double Door Wooden Shed is spacious garden building made to offer you maximum storage capacity and is built with tongue and grooved timber panels for better quality and extra durability.
This 10' x 6' Windowless Shiplap Apex Shed is a high quality building which is great value for money. Please Note: All of our buildings come pre treated with a factory applied basecoat to protect the building in transit. Our professional installation team are on hand to build your new garden shed for you whilst you sit back and relax.Installation will be carried out by a 3rd party contractor therefore delivery and installation will occur on separate days. Have your new Log Cabin built for you whilst you sit back and relax.Building installation ONLY. Our 10x6 Tongue and Groove Standard Pent Shed provides brilliant storage for all garden essentials and tools.
The building has four fixed windows and it also has extremely sturdy tongue and groove work over thicker than usual framing. The width of the building is 220 cm and when you are inside the building this reduces slightly to 210 cm.

We were very pleased to see this because it certainly is not standard procedure in corner sheds. The manufacturers seem to have taken great pains to include thicker framing, and when you step inside and move around a bit, you will be able to tell. There is plenty of space therefore to bring in those bigger pots that you need to get filled.
This is not ideal, so it is worthwhile paying out for the padlock system that BillyOh offers as an extra. With that strong floor and roof, and all of the framing behind it all, you are a little pampered. The padlock and lock protector system are available for purchase, and these are useful things to have in your building. But the factory pre-treatment is a bonus, as is the fact that the building has a wonderfully accommodating doorway.
Please note - Our Installation Service is not available to all areas; please refer to our installation service page for details. Upgrade with a Portabase for all building up to 10' x 8' or try a Walton's Eco Base for all sized buildings.
We aim to install your new garden product within seven working days after you receive delivery.IMPORTANT - Please ensure that a suitable base is prepared for your new garden building prior to installation. Constructed from 12mm tongue and groove cladding and 28 x 28mm round edge framing, our 10x6 pent shed has a strong and durable structure. The shed is an excellent addition to a garden due to it’s ability to fit into a corner, and there are plenty of great features. The depth of the building is 220 cm, and again this reduces to 210 cm when you are looking at the internal dimensions. The tongue and groove work instantly lifts the building, giving it a stability and strength that is perfect for a long life structure. While they are all fixed (so you are relying on the door for ventilation) they are of a good size and they are also glazed with the tough, shatter resistant styrene.
While there are windows, they are fitted with styrene, so you are looking at a tougher and more resistant material. You also get the option of choosing the colours for the trim and the walls of the construction. This garden shed has no windows which helps make this building more seucre; it keeps your belongings out of sight from prying eyes.

The base must be firm and level, and must be a minimum of the size of the floor of the building.Please note - If you are ordering a shed and wooden shed base and you would like both to be installed, you will need to select both the garden building and base installation services. The floor and roof are made from solid sheet boarding allowing it to survive in tough conditions and allow for storage of heavier items. Add to that the fact that they have continued the excellent tongue and groove work in the roof throughout the walls as well, and you have a very strong building from the frame outwards. We like this fact that the quality has been built on, so that there is so much solidity to the structure. This can make a huge difference to the visual impact and bring a little individuality to your purchase.
For example, having four windows really makes a difference, and we were pleased to see that there is this potential for natural daylight to get in.
It really is a pleasure to walk around in, and we were impressed with the fact that the manufacturers have decided to invest in a solid structure for such a reasonably priced item. And the price is almost negligible, with change from ?20 for the trim and the walls in some instances.
The roof and floor of this building is constructed from high quality, moisture resistant, solid sheet board. The roof of this building is supplied with mineral roofing felt which helps protect the roof from weather conditions like wind and rain.
Mineral felt is supplied to cover the shed roof allowing for rain run off as well as its clever sloped pent roof, preventing any rain from collecting. A single braced door allows for easy access to this shed and features a pad-bolt which keeps the door shut and adds extra security.
Our tongue and groove shed 10x6 has a large single window positioned at the front, which is made from a safer glass alternative called styrene which is immune to shattering. This 10x6 shed comes with a 10 year anti rot promise provided that the shed is treated annually.

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