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Some beetle species eat bark and heartwood directly and others use the wood to cultivate fungi, which is subsequently fed upon. 6pc Wood Boring Spade Drill Bit Set - #10 to 1 Inch - High Speed Steel, View Wood Spade Drill Bit, Deep Product Details from Deep Enterprises (Shanghai) Inc.
To bore a hole in wood with an auger bit, first select the proper fit indicated on or near the square tang.

With a chuck having no driving socket (a square hole which is visible if you look directly into the chuck), additional care must be taken to seat and center the corners of the tapered shank in the V grooves of the chuck jaws.
After placing the point of the feed screw at the location of the center of the hole you will bore, steady the brace against your body, if possible, with the auger bit square with the surface of the work.
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Slip the collar onto the drill bit and tighten the locking set screw to allow you drill holes to exact depth without quess work.

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