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The box design is take from simple New England six plank boxes but uses the new edge glued board product to replace the no longer available wide wooden planks. There is also a simple version of this design available that depends on glue, blocks, and screws for the box joints. The back and arm rests features pre-made spindles and can be removed if the box must be shipped. You can buy all the materials for this box at your local home store or mail order the spindles and piano hinge and Toy Box Supports from:. The drawings for one version this project are also available directly on the site in an Adobe .DPF file as an example of our plan drawings. After you download the sketches, these notes will help you understand them more completely. The side view shows the arm rest (also with spindles) the recessed bottom for the casters, the end of the internal tray, and the curve the lid makes when opened. This sketch is shows the wide factory glued up boards used for the front, back, top, and ends. These are the pieces of wood and plywood needed for the bottom, tray, and secret compartment. The secret compartment is a wide but very thin compartment that fits between the casters underneath the box. This is a full scale out line for a flower that can be either carved using a single gouge (see below) or cut-out and stenciled on.
This is a full size pattern for a dovetail gage to help you make the course dovetails used for the corners of the box (details below). This box uses four commercial edge-glued pine panels, plywood, and dimensioned pine lumber. With only slight modification of the drawings, this box can be made slightly smaller out of 16 by 48 inch panels.
This box was designed to be build using only a few hand tools that a home owner might have, purchase at reasonable cost, or borrow. The edge glued panels come in several sizes with the exact dimensions varying with the manufacturer. If you have a table or radial arm saw available you may adjust the size of the panels to suit your needs.
We have a number of other flower designs that can be used for either carving or paint stencils. Dovetail joints are classic for this type of box, look great, and are very strong but do take a little hand work.

Note that the dovetail shapes show at the front and that the joints are locked with a few finishing nails (no glue). Clamp the end piece that will mate with your we work inside to inside with the front piece. Hold the two pieces together at the final right angle and very carefully mark off the material to be removed. Drill holes for the 15 finishing nails in the four joints using a common #6 finishing nail. Install the hinge with a few screws and trim the lid and the back piece to fit the top of the box. Nail and glue three small blocks across the back at the top and predrill screw holes up from the bottom at an angle.
Two coats of polyurethane should last for many years but you may want to use three for heavy usage. You can decorate the box by caring in a simple pattern, stenciling, or simply painting it many colors.
Wait until after completely finishing to reinstall the hinges, back, arms, tray, compartment, bolts, and casters.
If you send us a picture of your finished project, we would be happy to put it on our web page.
Stuff 4 Multiples offers a great variety of gifts for twins, triplets and higher order multiples! This fun toy box bench makes learning your "A, B, C's" easy as "1, 2, 3" with its clever design and colorful combination of solids, plaids, polka dots and stripes in shades of blue, green, red, orange and ivory. The basic design include the traditional course dovetail joints which can be make with only a few hand tools.
We have a number of flower patterns that are available by simply requesting Flowers by email. It can slide front to back and hold small things that would otherwise be lost at the bottom of the box. These tools are all useful for general around-the-house maintenance and can fit in a tool box. You can have these cuts made at the supplier before you take the material home but be very sure you get the cuts right.
A jig saw working against a straight edge does well and back board cuts coping saw or a jig saw. It is full size and you can transfer the shape to a piece of card board (shellacked) or sheet metal.

Draw a line .75 inch in on both sides and number the joint so that you will not later get them confused. Fit the two outside pieces for uprights, cut the notch for the top board, and cut-out the box top. When you have it where you want it, drill bolt holes and counter sinks for the back arm bolts. Nail and glue a straight piece of .75 inch square stock inside this for the tray to slide on.
We very much want to know how you are getting along with your project and would be happy to answer any questions by email. Spinning blocks along top of seat back help teach alphabet letters and names of animal friends and seat back includes dry-erase board for practicing letters and numbers. It can be build from materials readily available from your local home fix-up store or mail order house. Toy Box Lid Supports are include to reduce the chance of little fingers being hit as the lid closes.
This is not difficult but the knotty-pine edge glued panels are not particularly easy to carve either. Whenever you need a sloped line you simply slide the tool along the edge of the wood and mark the angle. Use the tool to make off the four sloped lines and the tr--square to come straight across the end grain. Glue and nail small blocks around the inside of the box to hold the bottom in place so that casters stick down 1 inch. Its thickness of just over an inch limits its use to small things such as a diary, or sketch book, or such. The length of the 16 inch panels I saw was also 48 inches instead of the rather odd 47.5 inches shown.
You may choose instead to simply stenciled decorations on the box or paint it several colors like a circus wagon.
Drill two finger holes in the compartment bottom and two pencil sized holes in the box bottom near the magnetic latches so the compartment can be pushed open from the inside if necessary.

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