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Add the Multi-Bin Toy Organizer to your child's bedroom to help them keep their toys off the floor and neatly stored until next playtime. I was wondering if you would be able to find a less expensive versions of the bookshelf and toy bin from Land of Nod. A friend of mine has a toy box in her sons room with his toys and then he gets a medium size bin in the living room.
Get him started picking them uo by singing a song like clean up clean up everybody clean it up pick it put away. Honestly it doesnt hold much toys tho and those stupid bins come out lol i wish they stayed. The nine plastic tubs can be used on the shelves as shown.  Even better, use them to store extra toys in the closet for easy identification when it is time to rotate them to something new and fresh.
This handsome Baltic birch plywood shelving comes in a natural finish or sanded and unfinished for you to paint or stain. Seeing a toy that is complete and in good repair displayed on a tray or in a basket, calls to a child to play with it.  It will get used more. Limiting toys to three per tier prevents a child from feeling overwhelmed with too many choices. Toys can be rotated on and off of the shelves every so often to stimulate interest.  Toys will seem new again! Children learn to respect their belongings by putting them carefully in the same place they found them.  Toys will stay in better condition for a longer time.

Children play with one (or maybe two) toys at a time, and can choose another after they return the first ones.  Ends the Nightmare Cleanup Session! The Baltic birch plywood material in these products is imported from Russia and Eastern Europe. In big plastic bins, I organized large trucks, bigger balls, costumes & stuffed animals.
If you are looking to organize your play room, you may want to download the toy labels I created. Here are a couple sample pages. My name is Cassie and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the toy room organizer tags, and being the OCD woman that I am, I would love to find out what font you used for your tags. The font is KBDunk Tank and now the file is editable, so you should be able to make your own to match! This compact four-level bin organizer is made from durable laminated wood for years of reliable use and the side handles allow you to easily lift and carry the unit to another room. Rounded corners and handles ensure safety and easy movement.  Includes nine clear plastic containers with white snap on lids. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
With three little ones, my house doesn’t always look super clean, but I feel amazing when my house is well-organized. As for the chalk, you could find a wall hanging planter or two and hang them in the wall between the chalk boards.

I’m in Malaysia so you can brag about your creation being used on the other side of the world!
Also do you have a blank template that I can use so I can make some more customized tags that match my others?
I’m trying to add a picture to the last labels to make my own, it wont let me input a picture, any tips? The four levels are designed to accommodate the included plastic storage bins so your child can remove and replace bins as needed. We did it wih our 3 yr old when she was younger and she loved the song and still sings It now sometimes.
We are very blessed to have a huge room in the basement for all the toys, but I didn’t have a great way of organizing it all. I want her to be thankful when she gets things, understand the importance of selflessness, and etc. She won a stuffed duck yesterday at a Honor Our Troops event we were at yesterday and you'd have thought she just won a million dollars.

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