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Changes in css, for better content reading, new thumbnail generation to avoid browser incompatibility issues. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I started off coverage of the LEGO Marvel 2014 sets by discussing the largest set coming this winter, and now it’s time to take a look at the smallest set. I’m not altogether thrilled with the style of the Electro LEGO minifigure included with the set either, but his effects piece accessories like the flying lightning platform are pretty cool. As this release is neither based on the classic comic books nor the upcoming love action movie, I expect it won’t be the biggest hit with collectors. For the do-it-yourself enthusiast, building from plans for toy storage boxes can provide an efficient method to accomplish a project successfully.. Some of the plans are excellent, giving a great deal of instruction in text, pictures and drawings while some of the other toy box and toy chest plans are only drawings. Building a toy chest can be a good remedy for the problem of a benefit from quality time in creating this new chest.
The design works equally well as a toy box or keepsake chest for the little ones in your life. The Disney Infinity Crystal Figure collection which is also known as the 'Infinite Series' were released as Toys R' Us exclusives with the first Disney Infinity Crystal Character being Lightning McQueen.
Within the Disney Infinity game, inside the Hall of Heroes there are currently 7 stands which are dedicated to Disney Infinity Crystal Characters. The main advantages of the Disney Infinity Crystal series is that they earn in-game experience much faster than the original Disney Infinity characters. There are currently 7 Disney Infinity Crystal Characters which have been announced which are exclusive to Toys R' Us in the US and in the UK will be exclusive to Game, Amazon, Tesco and Asda (dependent on the Crystal figure).
The Crystal version of Disney Infinity's Lightning McQueen is a Toys R' Us exclusive and was the first Disney Infinity Crystal Character to be released, on the launch of Disney Infinity (18th August 2013).
In the US you can purchase from Toys R' Us & Amazon right here - Purchase from Toys R' Us here - Purchase from Amazon here.

Crystal Lightning McQueen is also available in the 'Race to Space Toy Box Pack' which includes both Lightning McQueen Crystral Character & Buzz Lightyear Crystal Character.
The Crystal version of Disney Infinity's Captain Jack Sparrow is a Toys R' Us exclusive and is set to launch on December 8th 2013 in the US. The Crystal version of Disney Infinty's Sulley is available at both Toys R' Us and Amazon in the USA and from Tesco in the UK. In the US you can purchase from Toys R' Us &  Amazon US - Purchase from Toys R' Us here - Purchase from Amazon US here. The Crystal version of Mr Incredible was released alongside the Crystal version of Sulley and was first made available at Toys R' Us in the USA, however it is now available in Amazon also. In the US you can purchase from Toys R' Us & Amazon - Purchase from Toys R' Us here - Purchase from Amazon here. The Disney Infinity Lone Range Crystal character is one of the latest Crystal characters in the series of 7 to be released and is still an exclusive at Toys R' Us.
In the UK you can purchase from Game & Amazon - Purchase from Game here - Purchase from Amazon here.
Buzz Lightyear has always been one of our favourite characters from Disney, as it really hits our childhood and is from one of our most memorable Disney films as a child. The Disney Infinity Crystal Agent P is currently only available at Game retailers in the UK (as of 20th April 2014), which will most likely be released across all retailers at the end of April here in the UK. The crystal Agent P Disney Infinity character includes some very interesting features and we are a big fan of the colour contrast between Crystal Agent P's Brown hat and the Crystal body as well as his yellow beak, it makes for a very cool looking Crystal Platypus!
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! While you might think at a glance that this set is an actual LEGO Amazing Spider-Man 2 set, it’s actually not quite what it appears to be. The only wrinkle is, of course, that LEGO doesn’t hold the license to make sets based on the Sony Amazing Spider-Man movies. I understand that all sensibilities and laws of logic go out the window in the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, but a LEGO Spider-Trike ATV vehicle that has firing web-cannons on it is not something I need in my collection.

Building a Toy Box A True Adventure, Tox Box Plans for Free, Why Build When You Can to know that you can craft a toy chest without breaking your budget. The Crystal Character series take a similar resemblance to the original Disney Infinity figures, with the main difference being that the plastic used in the moulding of the character is crystal coloured. At this point in time the Crystal series is dedicated to the main character from each Disney Infinity Play Set series as well as Sorcerer Mickey. As well as this, you will receive bonus health in-game and a special area within the Hall of Heroes will open up to display the Disney Infinity Crystal figures. The Disney Infinity Jack Sparrow Crystal version does look quite cool as Jack Sparrow's hat, coat and pants are all made from the crystal coloured plastic.
The Disney Infinity Sulley Crystal version is identical to it's original predecessor except for that it is now in a clear plastic (crystal) style, with only Sulley's black claws, green horns and eyes and mouth being a different colour, as well as the purple spots placed around his body. The Disney Infinity Mr Incredible Crystal character does look very good, and has to be one of our favourites here at iheartinfinity mainly due to the decision to keep the black gloves, boots and shorts as well as the cool looking logo we think the contrast between the crystal coloured plastic and the 'Incredibles Outfit' are excellent! A rather dapper looking Lone Ranger in the crystal looking plastic with the arrangement of colours to his uniform, including the gun holster and gun, as well as his Sheriff's badge and belt he looks quite remarkable and much better than the original Lone Ranger. We really do think that the Crystal version of Buzz Lightyear looks superb for both Disney Infinity fans and Disney Infinity collectors.
However it is yet to be announced in the US, as the single figure characters Phineas & Agent P are to only be released on the 29th April 2014 in the US. Start reading Build Your Own Cedar Storage Chest DIY PLANS HOPE BLANKET on your Kindle in under a minute.

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