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I hope that they release some of these cool worlds that they have been creating in the toy box.
Disney Interactive have released five custom-built Toy Boxes that are free of charge for the recently released Disney Infinity game and can be downloaded on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and iPad.
Tron Highway – Race a Light Runner, battle enemies, navigate mazes and find hidden paths to get to the end of the broken highway.
Monster Rally – Pull off a series of tricks in a side-scrolling stunt show spectacular. Cosmic Platformer – Compete with friends on an obstacle course that’s out of this world.
According to the images and press release from Disney Interactive, each Toy Box seems to provide a unique experience. Latest Videos Star Fox Zero: Take to the skies with our video preview XCOM 2 Anarchy's Children DLC - Make your own Suicide Squad Quantum Breakthrough? Esto no ha tardado en saltar a la red y como no se le ha preguntado a los desarrolladores del juego los chicos de Avalanche Studios.
This review of Disney Infinity covers the Starter Pack, which is available for the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U. Disney is also encouraging Infinity players to submit new ideas for future Toy Box creations as developers will soon be creating content based off of player feedback. It’s not like we look at the first film in a genre as the only legitimate entry into the film canon. Thus, finishing each Play Set starts you out with more variety of materials to use when building in the Toy Box.Each of these Play Set missions is a fun, with missions that ramp up in complexity as gamers continue within them.
While not as vast as individual, stand-alone games, the environments in these Play Sets are more thought out than I expected, and appear to be extensions of their films, rather than simple video game recreations. My favorite of these was the Pirates one, for its sheer variety, and because playing as a pirate appeals the most to me. As a kid who was basically raised on LEGOs, this was awesome for me.I found Toy Box mode to be really fun and greatly nuanced, but it can be time-consuming and if gamers are impatient, it can be a bit of a drain. To me, it was all worth it as the payoff is immense after you drive around on a race track that you built from the ground up. Besides, patience is a virtue kids these days don’t often have in abundance, so maybe Disney Infinity is doing us all a service in teaching kids this important value.
I was able to start with a blank canvas in Disney Infinity and customize everything about it–from the trees, shrubs, flowers, topiaries (yes!) to where I wanted to install my Monstro the Whale mouth, a la Storybook Land Canal Boats at Disneyland. Of course, there’s the typical racing, collecting, and bad-guy fighting (non-graphic) found in many video games, at its core, Disney Infinity is focused on creativity and problem solving.
The basic challenges won’t stump most kids for too long, and they will be enough to keep most adults engaged, too. More advanced ones I found quite difficult, but everything that I encountered could be conquered with some persistence. The pre-made Toy Boxes supplied by Disney for free download are neat, and the idea of fusing Tron with Sugar Rush is equal parts awesome and nightmare-ish, but these Toy Boxes are mostly just worth a few minutes of exploration.

Given the collectible toys that are included and the amount of entertainment that can be obtained from the Starter Pack (the Play Sets alone should total around 25-30 hours and the Toy Box mode will easily entertain most people for at least that much time), I’d consider it a good value.
However, the potential for upselling is close to infinite and something to keep in mind before becoming hooked on Disney Infinity. In other words, while there are a mountain of creative possibilities available in the initial Starter Pack, unlocking the full creative potential of the game is going to require further spending.When all is said and done, completionists are going to be dropping around $150 just on the first wave of Disney Infinity. With just the Starter Pack, I was still able to spend a ton of time on marathon sessions of the game, playing more to unlock more, which I could then use to create more.
Your mileage may vary on whether you’re able to avoid buying more as new add-ons for Disney Infinity are released.
Just know that it could be a slippery slope.Toy ReviewAt the start of the review, I indicated that both gameplay and the toys would need to be solid to consider this a success. The assumption was that the gameplay would be the difficult thing to nail, and the toys would be rather easy to do right. Unfortunately, I think where Disney Infinity’s creativity falls apart for me is when I pick up the tangible toys that come with the Starter Pack. Maybe things are different now, but when I was a kid, the most fun toys were those that you could manipulate and engage in battle and have participate in various adventures. Retain their current quality, but make them detachable from their bases and with moving parts. That alone would’ve been a big draw for me as a kid, but I think once the initial luster of that wore off, it would be a question of whether the game itself remained fun and if it evolved in a fun and dynamic way. Disney has invested a lot into making this a hit and based on all of the Disney minutiae and nuances of the game, it seems like the team behind it is pretty passionate about all things Disney. I expect continued improvements to the experience and future Play Sets and add-ons to maintain this level of quality to give Disney Infinity longterm staying power.
It combines elements of other games I enjoy with environments and characters anyone who has grown up on Disney will love (and going forward, presumably Star Wars and Marvel will make appearances…meaning that Disney Infinity should have the potential to appeal to anyone who had a childhood), but also adds in elements of LEGOs to allow players to jump into some of their favorite worlds and do their own creating. There literally are entire worlds to explore and build upon, and the directions Disney takes these worlds in the future will be the true test of Disney Infinity. Given the vast properties that The Walt Disney Company owns, Disney really is the perfect fit for a franchise like this.As of right now, Disney Infinity is something I highly recommend for the gameplay itself.
The game offers a ton of hours of high quality entertainment with numerous styles of gameplay to keep things fresh. These add-ons could be accomplished cheaper via downloadable content–but presumably parents would be more likely to balk at separately priced downloadable content, hence the toys.
Hearing from readers is half the fun, so please share your thoughts in the comments!Related Written by Tom Bricker21 Responses to “Disney Infinity Review” Amanda Grimm Just when I had talked myself out of investing in this, I think you just talked me IN to it! I don’t have a whole lot of free time, but I might get this game anyway and make time to play it.
To interact with Disney nostalgia for hours on end in a game that is actually enjoyable and creative sounds like a win for me. I just saw a Randall figure on amazon for the game- I imagine he’d be a lot of fun in the game!

Reply Tom Bricker Lack of free time will probably be what saves me from dumping a lot of money into this. My husband tags along and has a good time, but certainly hasn’t sipped the Mickey Kool-Aid. He is a big gamer and loves sandbox games, but I’m having a hard time convincing him that he will enjoy Infinity. I think the initial and potential costs are deterrents, but potentially, as you mentioned, it’s the thought that a Disney game is beneath his Halo gaming prowess.Do you have any tips on how I may be able to win him over?
Reply Ron Duphily If your husband played Skylanders, I think he will find this enjoyable.
Reply Holly My husband and I are also gamers, but I think I love all things Disney a little more than he does. We walked past a display that had it playing on screen and his biggest concern was the graphics. He thought the game looked like something from the Nintendo 64 days as opposed to something on a NextGen system. Reply SpenceMan01 You left out the blind-packaged power discs which give character power-ups or Toy Box items. Collect and trade until you have them all, with certain ones being rarer than the others.Regardless, with all the buzz surrounding the game and its potential, and seeing the massive amount of toys and accessories on the shelf at Toys R Us, my Disney stock is brimming from mouse ear to mouse ear.
It was done in partnership with the same developers (Avalanche), and more or less was the reason Disney gave Avalanche the reins to partner with them for Infinity.A lot of fun and a similar feel (albeit on a smaller scale).
Reply Xina143 We got this for our boys, actually we pre-ordered this back in April, and went all out. I was worried it would just be a re-skinning (so to speak) of Skylanders, but it looks much better.
I mean, they could all be like the power up discs, but imagine the places those can end up in the hands of a three year-old. Tom, you may not know this, but if anyone else does, are the discs kinda like the non-character pieces in Skylanders, like the skull island or pirate ship (or whatever they were that was close to those)? Who thinks it’s such a great thing to disappoint children by giving them something they already have? If they aren’t all popular, go back to the drawing board instead of sticking us with your excess inventory! Thanks for the review!Dave Reply Mike in Wichita Damn dude we get it you love Disney World.

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