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You probably know that Adult Ed is on winter break right now, but people are already asking when the winter term schedule is coming out so they can start planning which classes to enroll in come January. You have just cleaned out your laundry bag and in front of you is a gigantic pile of mismatched and deteriorated socks. Read the simple steps stated below and make a sock toy without a lot of out-of-pocket expense. Bring into line all the materials used in making a sock toy in order to avoid any type of mess. Take a sock that is of no use for you and gently stretch it from all directions in order to loosen it up well. Now, take a sharp medium scissor and carefully cut the foot off behind the heel area of the sock. Use the same scissor and smoothly cut two strips from the ankle part of the same sock, these will later form the ears of your toy. Now, lay the sock with its heel flat down and draw a center line on it, just about an inch before you get to the sock's heel section. In order to close the toy’s neck, simply run a running stitch all around the top border of the sock. Use the same needle and thread and run stitches back and forth through the body in order to define the toy’s arms. Now, run your needle right all the way through the sock, stuffing from one side to the other. Fill stitched strips with some polyester toy stuffing and sew them closed, attaching to the seam on your toy’s head.
Now, you have to sew the body and head of your toy together with a needle in order to give it a proper shape.
Surprise your child with this unique handmade sock toy that shows your effort and how much you care for him or her.
Above: Using the Quick and Easy Red Rocket Ryder as an example we'll detail the steps to make the 5" wheels and 3" hubcaps.
The edges of the wheels can be beveled by holding the wheels at a 45 degree angle while gently rolling the wheel into the sanding disk on the downside of the sanding disk.
The method described below works perfectly for wheels that are smaller than 3" in diameter. Step 3: Keep the drill at a 90 degree angle with the wood stock and begin pushing the hole saw gently into the wood.

Build Big Wood Toy TrucksBuild log trucks, fire trucks, semi trucks, dump trucks, crane trucks and delivery trucks. You can make various stuffed dolls, as well as soft toys that your child will surely love; just in the comfort of your own home.
The making of different feathery animals, stuffed toys or dolls for your kids is a very worthwhile hobby; which eventually, can help you earn some extra income for your household. You can check out the entire list when The Adult Ed Winter 2008 Schedule of Classes becomes available in December.
You might be thinking about throwing them away but what if you make a cute toy out of them? Now, take another sock of the same matching or contrast and open it out and flat like the way you were putting it on. Pick the head of the toy and firmly stitch it to the shoulders, running a stitch all around the fabric on the shoulder. Grab a ballpoint and mark the exact position on the toy’s face where you would like the eyes and nostrils. For saftey reasons, wheels smaller than 3" in diameter are dangerous to sand using a sanding disk. These instructions and the detailed wheel patterns are included in the plan set but we'll explain how-to make the wheels without having a cut pattern. The wheel jig is clamped to the table of the disc sander (Step 4 shows the wheel jig clamped onto the disc sander). To make perfect wood toyaxle holes for your wheels see the article Learn to Make Perfect Wood Toy Axle Holes.
For larger wheels we recommend the article How to Easily Make 3" or Larger Perfect Wood Toy Wheels. To make perfect wood toyaxle holes for your wheels see the article Learn to Make Perfect Wood Toy Axle Holes. Also includes accessory buildings, trees, loading docks and little people.ReallyWood Toy Truck Fleet The ReallyWood Toy Trucks use a new concept in toy truck building that make it very easy to build the truck chassis with wheels and axles.
Relatively, there is a wide range of free patterns, as well as free tutorials, for this type of toy making past time, they will teach you different techniques and appropriate materials to be used in creating toy crafts.
Making toys with socks is fun and a cost-effective activity where you can save hundreds of dollars that you are planning to spend on buying new toys for your child.
Roll the polyester toy stuffing into a medium ball for the head of the toy, two cylinders for arms, and large ball for his body.

For smaller wheels we recommend the article How to Easily Make Small (Under 3") Perfect Wood Toy Wheels.
The narrow piece on the bottom creates a flat and stable surface for the bottom feet of the bar clamps.
If the wheel is stuck insert a screw driver or dowel rod in the holes in the sides of the hole saw and push the wheel free from the hole saw. In the tutorial videos, you will learn from simple toy making project up to the most complex one.
All the raw materials needed to manufacture the toys are furnished for the small, optional fee of $5.
The disc sander is used to true up the diameter of the wheel by turning the wheel counter-clockwise into the disk while the disk is rotating. America’s concern for the safety of children with commercial toys is the mainstream advocacy against numerous giant toy manufacturers around the world; some of them do not implement safety measures in manufacturing toys for children. In this connection, the current idea of making homemade toys is being considered as the most safety, inexpensive, as well as unique-crafted technique to satisfy your kids while playing at home or school; at the same time, protect them from any hazardous materials. Furthermore, these toys are just easy to make and very safe to use by your kids; as they do not need electrical resources, or batteries, in order them to be functional. A wide range of rug dolls, plus wooden cars are just some of the numerous homemade toys that are extensively inexpensive, but with special features that every kid must surely love to play. Moreover, by using recyclables materials in your household will certainly help in minimizing your budget. There are many printable, hard-formed paper and soft-clothing materials that are available inside your home. They are best materials in making great toys for the kids; such as board puzzles or games, flash cards, and different preschool games that children may love to play with. Educational toys as product of your labor, is the most perfect gift for your kids for any special occasions, they will even provide your kids a non-stress learning process; so as to give them an environmentally-friendly playing environment.

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