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Age Suitability: 3 Years +16 geometrical pegs can be sorted, counted and stacked on a sturdy wooden base.
Age Suitability: 3 Years +Children are endlessly taking things apart and putting them together, only to pull them apart again. Age Suitability: 1 Year +LeapFrog Learning Town Barn Buddies introduces more than 30 first words that teach your child about animals, word - object association, speech and vocalization, and motor skills.
Age Suitability: 3 Years +This colourful wooden noah's ark & shape sorter has cut out holes that children need to match with the animal shape. The official Disney Infinity YouTube channel has just uploaded a new video that highlights the freedom of the Toy Box mode. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Help & AdviceNeed more information about this item, please call us today to speak to one of our customer representatives on 02083851775. Getter Robo G is a super robot anime series that was broadcast from May 15, 1975 to March 25, 1976 in Japan with a total of 39 episodes. The Getter Dragon comes well packaged, the box is sturdy and the display window is large and shows all the contents well. The Tomahawks are well made, a bit tight on the left hand side when inserting into the closed fist – at least it’s not loose! The Getter Dragon has very nice proportions, and the form really resembles some of the more vintage toys.
Overall the paint was nice and sharp, especially the black inverted V shapes on the shins, and the face detail, however there was a bit of blurring on the painting of the shapes on the waist and chest, and the biceps (white parts on the arms) had some fine hair line cracks. If you want a nicely constructed, sturdy die cast toy you can play with and be proud to display, you can’t go wrong with the Hero Collection Getter Dragon, there may be some minor flaws, but overall, it is a nice toy at a nice price. I picked up a Aoshima Mantle Getter and the two Yamato offerings for 85 bucks plus shipping. I had the choice to get an older SOC but I felt the Aoshima had nicer packaging and extras, plus I don’t have any of their offerings. When we got our Disney Infinity unit and figures, we ripped open the box, plugged it in, and just started playing.
We went on adventures, we played with toys, we built stuff, and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it did!
If you want to own all the Disney Infinity figures (and really who wouldn't?), you'll need to hit up a variety of stores. You know what is one of the coolest things about Disney Infinity, there is always something to new to do and explore, just not on your own, but thanks to the Toy Box downloads. I didn't know this until we got the Abu the Elephant disc above that had a holographic image and a translucent color on the base.
On of the things about the blind power-ups packs is that you have no idea what you'll be getting.

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The interactive smart block reader calls out first words about animals and each press - in reader delivers up to four unique responses. Since this is a completely unique feature of the Disney Infinity game, it makes sense that they're going to continue to showcase it - you create your own world from scratch like in The Sims and then play in it any way you'd like! For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. Getter Robo G is a sequel to the popular Getter Robo series which also features three jet-like vehicles that could combine to form three different super robots. It’s a pretty standard design with two piece clear plastic liners inside holding the figure in place that slides out the top of the box.
I really like the way the paint has been applied to the blade of the Tomahawks, there is a gradual fade from dark gunmetal to light silver towards the edge of the blades, and really gives them the metallic feel. The sculpt is simple but has some really nice details, for example the two red lines running down the neck has etched detail, and paint applied. The feet are on ball joints with good movement, and the knees have double joints allowing for bending and rotating, same design is used in the elbow joints. The shoulder joints give the arms a wide range of movement, the only restriction being the cape that the figure wears.
It does feature a lot of die-cast, probably more so than SOC toys but due to it’s smaller size it is no where near as heavy as the Aoshima SSG toys. I’m a big fan of Yamato as well and I never see these for sale so they should be nice entry level pieces.
We recently got the Jungle Cruise toy box, the Alice in Wonderland inspired maze and the Sugar Rush meets Tron racetrack and all three of them are totally awesome. Disney said of these special add ons: "They can an be used to improve and enhance the DISNEY INFINITY experience in a multitude of ways. A power disc with a star will give your character special abilities, one that has a ball on it means you can get new vehicles, gadgets and more, and the paint brush means you can personalize your world.
But now there are organized meet-ups where you can come face to face with other Disney Infinity fans and do some power up trading! Baby hears fun words and songs about animals with exciting sound effects that encourage tumbling block play.
I have always had a fascination with Japanese characters, so I figure, what better character to start reviewing than one from the Getter series! The Getter Dragon was one of the three combinations, as well as Getter Liger, and Getter Poseidon. The graphics attempt to capture a bit of the retro styling, but in my opinion it doesn’t really suit the product. The only thing which should have also been included, are perhaps a pair of open hands, when you don’t feel like posing with the Tomahawks.

The knee joints are nice and tight and makes a nice clicking sound as you bend them with no signs of becoming loose. The head was disappointing as there was no tilt movement, other than this and the fact that you can’t really bend the knee joints and elbow joint all that much (about 60 degrees), it is actually a pretty fun figure to pose, and you can still get some pretty nice action. In terms of articulation, it is not as good as the more modern SOC toys, but comparable to the Aoshima SSG toys. It is so easy to get engaged and start played, we didn’t need any assistance online or off.
For example, Game Spot will be the only store selling the Jack Skellington figure (which you can pre-order here), Toys-R-Us is the only store to carry the "crystal" character figures and Woody from Toy Story will debut only at Wal-mart before be offered at other stores. At first I was confused on how to get the Toy Box downloads, but as it turns out, it's ridiculously easy. Circular Power Discs are used to grant your character special power ups that can be used in Play Sets and in the Toy Box. Also deemed "rare" in the first series are the Astro Blasters Space Cruiser, Dumbo Flying Elephant and Mike's New Car (which was a Toys 'R Us exclusive).
There was a recent one at the Toys 'R Us in Times Square and I'm sure more will be organized around the country.
For example,  Disney Infinity just announced their first Toy Box challenge where you can submit your own racetrack creations which, if selected, can be shared with all Disney Infinity users. The face is also nicely sculpted and what really stands out for me here is the use of soft rubber like materials on the two pointy bits on the head (most likely to be POM or PVC), no chance of them snapping, however, they have not used the same materials on the three flat bits. The hip joints on the other hand, are quite restrictive and not nearly as tight, it was hard to keep a kicking pose as the legs were so heavy that the hip joint simply couldn’t hold it very well, which resulted in a bit of paint damage as you can see in the picture. I personally prefer the styling and size of the Aoshima SSG toys, especially the weathered versions! Just go to the Disney Infinity Main Menu and then select "Toy Box Share" and "Disney's Toy Boxes," and the list of available downloads will be there waiting for you.
Hexagonal Power Discs unlock special gadgets, vehicles, and themes to allow for even more personalization in the Toy Box. Different combinations mean different results, the possibilities are endless!" Yes, it is worth the small investment for the blind pack power discs.
Making different color patterns, counting, or stating the color before putting it on the 7 - inch square wood base adds interest as your child develops a skill.

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