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If you’re looking for cool toy storage solutions, check my latest Nesting Blog Post over at Cookiemag. They're good for tiny toys such as cars and Lego, but kids can forget what they have, so be prepared for them tipping everything out on the floor. Install a made-to-measure unit in your children's room that's functional as well as stylish. Children never seen to have enough space for all their stuff – toys, school papers, sports equipment, clothes, shoes, and all the “treasures” – rocks, feathers, shells, dried flowers – that your child collects. Although we think of a very young child using a toy box, this type of storage does need to disappear when children get older.
If the closet is large and room floor space is at a premium, consider putting your child’s dresser or desk in the closet. Most of us have one inside the front door, but what about inside or attached to the back of the bedroom door. If you have framed artwork or special items such as a doll collection or porcelain       figurines, display them on shelves 12? to 18? below the ceiling on one wall or around     the room.
Paint an area or an entire wall with magnetic paint, and then paint with regular indoor latex paint to match or coordinate with the room colour.
When you arrange your child’s room, make sure to consider placement of furniture for the best storage options.
The closet is the central storage item in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry and office. Bathroom closets provide storage space for bath essentials such as towels, lotions, soaps, toilet papers etc. Maximize your storage option by storing things such as seasonal clothing, sheets, shoes, unused toys etc.
If you are short on space in the bedroom, one storage solution is to use bedside tables that have drawers.
Headboard serves as an additional storage space for essential items such as books, clock, reading lamps, picture frame etc. If there is one thing that we don’t have in abundance, then this has to be free space in our homes to store things that have no immediate use. When it comes to storing items that have personal value or could at some point in the future serve a purpose, the attic and garage are often chosen for storage. In most cases the right thing to do is to get rid of most of the useless stuff, but before deciding what to keep and what to throw out, we should find more effective ways of organizing space.
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Schedule regular ‘tidy up time' so they know they're going to have to clear away at the end of the day.
This sleek storage includes robust boxes that can be pulled out and stored away, as well as chunky shelving to display pictures and keepsakes. Even though this handsome surround is no longer home to a fire, it provides the perfect nook for some neat shelving. Stairs with drawers, attached desk areas and bookshelves, under-bed drawers, and attached dressers are all featured for children of different ages and sizes. This can help your child hang backpack, purse, and lightweight coats instead of throwing them on the floor. Also, consider a filing cabinet to hold homework, school information, artwork, and pictures.

You can also use corkboard or purchase a framed bulletin board; this can serve as a message board in addition to a display area. Place the bookshelf next to the desk or reading area, the toy box and other toy storage furniture close to each other.
Use bright colours, easy to reach shelves, and themed decals and transfers to convey the theme of the room. Having a bookshelf with right size and at children’ eye level will allow them to choose and read a book whenever they want. You can sort out the toys and organize them in categories, for example, blocks, puzzles, cars, art materials, Legos, dolls etc.
Toy boxes come in different designs and colors so you can choose one that fits well in the living room or your child’s bedroom. Whether your room is big or small, the closet provides storage for all your necessary items. If you have small closet and want a large storage area then consider reach-in or walk-in closets using wall-mounted or floor-mounted cabinet systems.
Use drawers, baskets, boxes, jars or bins to separately store main items such hygiene products, medications, first aid and cosmetics. Lot of shelves, drawers and empty space in the closet gives extra storage space in the kitchen. Except for those lucky enough to be living in a huge house or a mansion, people are struggling on a daily basis to make the most of the space they’ve got. The reason is self-evident, because these areas are not used that often and as a result you can stockpile stuff here without it impacting your moves or hurting the decor. Boxes on the wall, cans for storing supplies and walled in curtained closets are just a couple of smart solutions for saving space without investing in expensive furniture.
My daughter had a wooden chest that donned a padded pillow and became extra seating in her teen room.
Find some plastic bins, canvas totes, or decorative baskets to place on the shelves for holding toys. Wraparound bookshelves, a beanbag chair, a corner hutch, or a pole or hanging light can make use of a room’s corners. One will be for clothes that are outgrown, but that you wish to save, sorted and labelled by size. Have your child help you decide what they want to keep and display, in addition to what they wish to have out of sight and plan accordingly.
At home, it is important to organize the toys and keep a clutter free environment for the kids to play and have fun. Safety comes first therefore consider getting your child a toy box that is made of a soft material and easy to handle. For example, keep frequently used items like hair brush, soap, toothpastes visible and within the reach.
Closets are ideal storage for nonperishable food supplies, unused kitchenware, small appliances and other kitchen accessories. The items are still within reach without lying around and you will enjoy the same amount of free space to perform your daily activities comfortably. They can cost a lot less than wooden cupboards of the same size and they can fit a huge number of toys inside. An added advantage of ‘fun' storage is that kids will enjoy putting things away, creating their own displays, and showcasing their current favourites.

When my eldest son was eleven, he complained that his four-year old brother was constantly getting into his toys, especially his intricately built Lego creations. Make sure to anchor the bookshelf to the wall; children love to climb, so take precautions to prevent your child from pulling the shelf over. But, it is not always an easy task for parents to tidy up the scattered toys each time after they finish playing.
You can keep their favorite books that they read regularly and avoid scattering of books on the floor.
Organize pantry closet according to categories, for example, spices, cereals, bottle foods, pasta, rice.
Some bookshelves come with drawers at the bottom that provides extra stability and concealed storage.
The pockets slings can be little big for small sized books but, toddlers find their way to pull it out anyways. Consider using a permanent marker to label the pockets indicating what items should be stored there.
My daughter has a very small room and has a policy of “one toy in, one toy out” to keep the toys under control. I find my daughter gets excited when I give her some old toys which she didn’t play for a while.
Put away things you don’t need in the closet such as seasonal clothes or clothes that you no longer wear. You can purchase plastic boxes and put them in drawers to keep lotions, hair accessories etc. If you are living in small house or apartment then this is an ideal storage product for toys since it won’t take up too much of space.
Medicine cabinets are useful to store items such as shampoo, razor blades, cream, body wash, contact solution and mouthwash.
Fourthly, keep regular toys within children’ reach so that they can pick and play whenever then want without your help.
For walk-in master closet, you can have a built-in chest with divided drawers to keep underwears or socks, shelves can be used to store sweaters or shoes, rod to hang clothes and small cabinets to conceal other items. Ensure the storage item is safe and at their level of height, some items can be big and hard to reach. Regardless of the type of closet you have in the bedroom there is always a way to maximize storage space to keep your belongings safe and secured.
Lastly, when you are shopping for storage items for toys, there are number of things you may want to keep in mind before buying.
Graphics illustrations on the storage containers, for example picture of favorite animals, will allow children to easily identify the toys.
Choosing transparent storage materials also give kids to select only the toys they like to play instead of dumping everything on the floor. Finally, storage items come in various shapes and sizes so select whichever shape and size that fits the storage location at your home.

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