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With this sturdy and solid toy storage table, you receive 2 belonging benches in the same beautiful design which will offer place to at least 4 children. The unique part of this toy storage table is the fact that the two play desks can be opened.
This RV mod is all about taking control of the unclaimed space that is available in the garage of many toy hauler and also in many RV basement compartments. After you choose your container, be sure to measure them carefully and adjust the rails and flanges on the mounting grid to make sure things fit correctly. If your interested in learning more about this storage idea for a toy hauler or RV basement we encourage you to visit the Family Handyman website for more photos and a step by step guide for how this RV mod should go together. Keep the mess at bay by creating some simple, easy storage ideas that declutter and organize all their fun, everyday goodies. This toy storage table lends itself to be installed in (after-school) class rooms and kidscorners where top-notch kids furniture is required. Its recommended that high quality bins are purchase in lieu of the cheaper thin plastic versions typically available at home improvement stories to ensure durability and safety.

As always be sure to tell us about it in the comments below if you think of some way to use this idea or have already finished something like it! And after playtime everything is tidied up in one go by closing the 2 desks on the table top. We put a lot of stock in storage and organization ideas as we think they add a great deal of functionality to the RV lifestyle. Strongly recommended for all kidscorners in which a wide variety of activities are initiated.This toy storage table is also available as a 6-seater and 2-seater.
We went with the Akro-Mils Plastic Tote because the height was perfect for the RV basement at 8 inches and they came in a bundle of 6 units. The entire can be fabricated from low cost standard building materials available at your local home improvement store. We usually use the service through home depot where you can buy online and pick it up in the store, FYI. They’re cute, playful and perfect for storing art supplies that get a bit too messy in and around the playroom.

All you need are some inexpensive pieces to display and organize your child’s favorite read along stories.
Some Pipes.View in galleryAnother super creative ways to store all those Hot Wheels cars or craft supplies, use PVC pipe!
Make an artsy design on the wall that acts not only as storage but some stylish texture as well.
Closet Ease.View in galleryIf you just want the closet a bit more at bay, grab some transparent tubs and labels!

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