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The Make a Tatty Teddy kit is suitable for age 8+ and comes with Tatty Teddy skin, stuffing, needle and thread, pre-cut felt shapes, birth certificate and instructions.
This is perfect for those who would love to make their own bear with their own hands but not sure where to start. This adorable robe comes in 5 sizes (0 to 4 years), and can be personalised with 12 character name, 2 font and 7 text colour choices.
We had a couple of My 1st Year's gifts and they were made with fantastic, baby soft quality.
The box set comes with a playsuit, sock hat and a bib, which are packed nicely in a lovely red gift box. I love Fudge Kitchen's fudge as it's crumbly on the outside and gooey and smooth on the inside.
The kit we were sent is the children's version, containing ingredients and tools for them to make Rocky Road, Vanilla Rainbow and Double Chocolate Explosion flavoured fudge. As there is sugar boiling and fudge folding involved, I'd say that the kit is more suitable for children above 9 years old to make.
Overall it's a fun fudge making experience in the comfort of your own home, and it's a bit like a science project as well, watching the fudge syrup turn from crystal clear runny liquid to opaque solid yummy fudge! The instruction is clear and the kids really enjoy making the jelly and watching them getting squished into slush (the eating is fun too of course!).
Out of all the consoles, my favourite is Nintendo, because their games are the cutest and most suitable for young children. Nintendo has recently released a Disney Magical World game (pegi 7) on 3DS (2DS) too, where players (with the cutest Mii character faces!) have to solve Disney characters' problems. A fairly fast pace game where one player needs to try to get 1 piece of fruit and 1 piece of vegetable from the trough using their snout to win, while others are rolling the dice, trying to get their turn to pick the fruit and vegetable. When you are having a big gathering during Christmas, some crazy fun games is definitely needed.
A great game to practice children's planning skill and steady hands, this will be a really fun game to play during Christmas! Abby has started learning more about the world map this year, and our Map International's Personalised Children's Map (see our full review here) came in really handy. This giant gummy bear have caught my full attention while I was browsing their website, doesn't it look edible?! It takes 2 AA batteries (not included), and it turns on and off by simply pressing on its belly. A beautiful musical cot mobile with rotating 3D wild life felt figures dancing around to the lovely tune of Do-Re-Mi. These teddies are hand knitted using natural wool and dyed with natural dye that can be found in the kitchen (such as berries). Last year's Summer I bought a knit your own rabbit kit, hoping that I can knit it for Abby, but it has proven difficult and I had to give up.
The set comes with 2 tea cup strainers, teapot with beads inside and a pink lid, and 2 cupcake squirts. If you or someone else you are buying for have 2 children that take baths together, this set will definitely provide lots of bath time fun!
Anyway, the penguin is still worth recommending as no matter how the bubbles turn out, the kids were still very excited and has been fighting over catching the bubbles (Abby wanted to keep them while Clay wanted to pop them).
A flat pack cardboard playhouse that can be put together when the kids want to play, and pack away again when they are finished to save space.
I think musical instruments will make lovely gifts for young ones who likes to explore with sound.
The classic Buzz Lightyear toy has been improved and now comes with light, sound and action armour!
The perfect playset for little Fireman Sam fans, the set comes with Fireman Sam and Juno Jet Ski, which can be launched through the spring loaded jet ski launcher.
The Peter Rabbit Treehouse playset comes with Peter Rabbit figure, working lift and bucket, telescope and planning table.
Clay is very excited when he saw the playset, as Peter Rabbit is one if his must watch show on CBeebies. I don't normally go for toys subscription boxes, as we already have a lot of toys, but I do think that they will make lovely surprise gifts for special occasions like Christmas and Birthdays. Last year's popular Robo Fish has launched the pretty magical mermaids this year, and they swim just as well, if not better! These fish were the thing last year, and they have launched more products this year to continue the robo fish craze. For Christmas, I'd definitely recommend the remote control Robo Fish set, it's just more fun and definitely impressive!
Cayla runs smoothly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone (ie Android), she heard us loud and clear when there is minimum background noise (the environment where your child would do homework in), and gave us detailed (the amount of information she tells is adjustable) answers that impressed us.
Apart from a great "dictionary" and study companion, she is also a gorgeous doll children can play with.
Cayla is on most retailers' Top 10 Christmas Toys list, and came at the top in the Toy Fair's Top Tech Toys category, and I'm sure she'll make a lovely Christmas gift. An adorable, well shaped robotic kitty that comes with her own pet mouse, Teksta Kitty is quite clever and can do many tricks with the help of the child and her mouse.
Each year, there are children who'd wish for a real pet for Christmas, without understanding what's involved in looking after them. When am I charged? Initially, you will be charged for your first Block at the time you register for your subscription.

This entry was posted in Nerd Block Jr Reviews and tagged Angry Birds, Barbie, Littlest Pet Shop, Nerd Block, Nerd Block Jr, Skylanders, Star Wards on August 20, 2014 by Subscription Box Mom. Subscribe & Enter to Win!Subscribe to the FSB Newsletter to get the latest subscription box news and deals delivered right to your inbox and be entered to win a FREE subscription box!
Get a true superhero thrill-ride without ever leaving your desk with a subscription to Hero Box! Hero Box offers 1 box that has a new theme each month, as well as 9 Hero Boxes that feature your favorite super heroes – Batman, Deadpool, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, The Flash, Star Wars, and Green Lantern. 4.85 out of 5Get a box full of delicious and healthy snacks each month with your Healthy Surprise subscription box.
Bella's Beauty Box is a monthly subscription box containing handmade soap, body scrub, lotion and more. Joe's Brew Club delivers freshly roasted gourmet coffee paired with varieties of biscotti and premium chocolates! Papirmass is an art subscription box that sends subscribers monthly deliveries of beautiful, ready-to-frame prints. Find Subscription Boxes brings you a one-stop subscription box directory to help you find all the best monthly subscription box services. If you're shopping for a gift idea, our subscription box gift ideas are a great place to get started. Love With Food May 2016 Box Spoilers + $20 Off CouponWe have tasty Love With Food May 2016 snack box spoilers!
March 2016 Hatchery Tasting Box Review + GiveawayThe Hatchery Tasting Box is a gourmet food subscription box to help you find your new favorite ingredient. We all had lots of fun mixing colours, watching the marker cores absorb all the liquid and use the colours we created to draw. Children get to stuff Tatty Teddy into the softness they like, and using the pre-cut holes as a guideline to sew Tatty Teddy up. Their products will make absolutely lovely and luxurious gifts for any children, and they even have a selection of adult gifts too. We even use them for our wedding favours, so I was so excited when I found out that they sell a range of fudge making at home kit! They also sell a Gourmet Fudge and Jingle Fudge version, depending on the flavours you like. I only made a small log, but my sister in law managed to get it double the size, and based on Fudge Kitchen's YouTube video, it should be even longer.
It's suitable for age 5+, and comes with a jelly slush maker, 3 jelly slush cups and straws, jelly gummy tray mould, a spoon and a hook tool (to help push jelly gummies out). The only thing is that you'll need to remember to open the cover at the base of the jelly container before you compress the jelly down or they will squeeze their way out through the gaps of the holder (it was quite funny) instead of into the cups!
Schools emphasize on reading skills, which includes listening to others reading and listening to their own pronunciation and expression.
They can also steal and swap fruit or vegetable pieces, or make the one sniffing in the trough oink (the trough makes oinking sound when pressed)! Simply take turn to add or take away an item into the barely holding together trolley according to the dice, and whoever makes the trolley drop (jump!) loose the game! The idea of the game is each player will use the words from their deck of cards to continue the story the previous player was telling. It's great for Abby to practice her comprehension skill and creativity, and since it's fun it will encourage children her age to practice without knowing! When they offered us another map to review on the guide, I thought that the Glow in the Dark one would make a pretty cool gift for students. It looks like a gummy bear, feels like a gummy bear, and we all swear that it also smells like a lemon gummy bear! Apparently it can be wall mounted as well, although I think that the kids prefer to carry it around. These children party crackers comes with a hat and a joke, perfect to put them in stockings with the rest of the goodies! Although this premium teddy isn't hand knitted by me, I still think that it would make a special and lovely present. It looks beautifully made and will certainly be a refreshing gift amongst all the modern gadgets and games! This colourful and well made Xylophone can be personalised as well, making it a unique gift. Their hair can be styled, they can twirl really fast and will follow cupcakes everywhere with their nose! It comes with 3 AAA batteries, has 5 buttons and a lever, and plays different sound and phases in 3 different modes.
The Gup S is really cool, it has both light and sound, comes with Captain Barnacles, his Narwhal friend, 3 interchangeable tools, 2 mini-skis and an iceberg. There are also other figures available in the range that is worth getting with this playset so that children can play out scenes from the show on CBeebies.
He had lots of fun with Peter Rabbit and the treehouse, although I think he can definitely do with having the other characters to play with as well!
For the prize of approximately one toy, I can give them a whole box of surprise goodies, and some of them do really good ones too!
They ship in the first few days each month, and it should arrive within 2 weeks from shipping date. There is still 8 days to go before you can start ordering the December boxes, and they ship within 6-10 days from the US, so hopefully these will arrive before Christmas!

I chose this to feature because it's so WoW, but I think any LEGO playsets, especially the bigger ones that are worth splashing out on during special occasions, will make fantastic gifts for children who loves to play with LEGO.
With the playset that comes with an LED tank (rrp £24.99), your child can watch these mermaids swim all day and night!
Not only do they come in pirate form and you can buy a playset that comes with a tank, they have also launched a remote control that works with the Robo Fish (£24.99 for the set) where you can control the fish's direction inside the tank, as well as using the RC as a charging dock for the Robo Fish, how cool is that? A lot of people misunderstood her when she was first released, thinking that she is some sort of Artificial Intelligent doll that can interact with children the way the teddy did in the movie A.I. You can read our full review here that shows you different ways of playing with her and videos of how she communicated with us. There is also a free downloadable app that can make her do even more things, including for you to compose a step by step dance routine for the kitty to follow! Then, you will be billed at the beginning of every month for that month’s subscription (January block is billed on 1 January). Browse our subscription box categories, find new subscription boxes to feed your box addiction, and read real subscription box reviews from people who have received their boxes. It also gives children an option to personalise Tatty Teddy by putting nice smelling mini pouch for example, into the belly before sewing him up. And as it's technically not a Christmas outfit (Circus Parade!), the baby can wear it any other day too! When we received the Youth Runaway Sleigh Jumper, I have flashbacks of me wearing a Christmas jumper when I was about Abby's age, and it was a happy memory!
We did struggle a bit to get the jelly gummies out from the tray even though we've added a few drops of cold water in each compartment, so if you have a jelly release trick please let me know!
Sparkup Magical book reader can help children with all these areas by allowing others to pre-record their readings on the book, so while you are away or trying to rush a deadline, your child can still listen to you reading (it's really clear if recorded as per instructions) them a story, and letting children record their own voice so that they can hear their own pacing, expression and pronunciation. Each player will have to finish telling their part of the story before the timer buzzes, otherwise they will have to add the pile of used cards to their own pile. Like other glow in the dark products, simply let it absorb enough light during the day, and it will start to glow when it becomes dark. It was an instant hit and the kids have kidnapped him as soon as I was done with my last picture. They would make each other coffee and tea, and feed each other cupcakes before it turns into a water squirting fight!
We have a mini bubble machine for the garden that the kids really love, so I was really excited to see Munchkin's penguin bubble blower that can be used in the bath. The set comes with 14 pieces (teapot with lid and 4 sets of tea cups, saucers and side plates) for the child to have a mini tea party! For children who loves to play action figures and play out the Toy Story scene, this Buzz Lightyear is the gift they'd want this Christmas! The playset works with the other figures and playsets from the range as well, for example the helicopter can sit on the helipad, and no scene will be complete without a Norman Price!
The head of the Gup S (Octo-Sled) is detachable from the Gup S body (Octo-Shuttle), and the treads are retractable too. The treehouse is fairly well made and can stand on its own, and even the door and hatch held on and hasn't fallen off once since we got it.
Some think that she has hearing problem when the TV is on in the background with more than 2 person asking her questions. They don't come with all the fuss, and children can learn what it takes to look after a pet and keep them happy.
The monthly billing closes on the 8th of the month. For example, if you subscribe on January 10th, that payment will be applied to February Block (remember, the closing date for January was the 8th). There is a sense of achievement by making your own, and it makes the teddy much more special too. They can use the Smiley Trump card to make the next person collect the pile of cards instead, so it's definitely a life saver card! When it glows at night, it becomes sparkly all over, just like a sparkling jelly under the sun! I would love it more if the tune is at a slower pace to lull the baby to sleep, but with the rotating mobile it probably wouldn't be a big problem. I've definitely heard more giggles from the bathroom since they started playing with the tea set, I think it's because there are more interaction between the 2 than them having to fight over a a toy that they can't really play together with. The problem I have is that I don't want to use bubble solution in the kids' bath, which works best with any bubble machine. It is the latest addition to the many Gups The Octonauts use to explore and rescue, and will make great addition to the Octonauts toys collectors too! We will be receiving our November box in 2 weeks time, and I've already ordered the December box for Christmas! Ever since Abby got Candy (the name of our Teksta robotic kitty), she has stopped asking us for a real rabbit.
There is a 2 for 1 deal at the moment too, which is great if you have 2 children that won't share! Hence I found myself playing with soap and water, trying to create the best bubble solution for the bubble blower by adjusting the water and soap ratio. I heard that adding corn syrup to bubbles will make them stickier hence last longer, I must try that next!

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