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Coffee Table: A Living Room NecessityCoffee tables are as much for placing the served coffee as for fashion. Tags: All Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Hallway Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Old or Unusual Indian Furniture. This trunk has been made from old teak wood and features a design using bone inlay to create beautiful decorative patterns. Due to the nature of these pieces each item will vary, with the colours, patterns and metal work on the wood differing from one to another. Part of the Low Lita collection by Italian designer Paola Navone, the Low Lita Loveseat offers sumptuous seating for two. Made in Thailand from Burmese silk, this Fair Trade product smartly and beautifully covers (and hides) your bright 26 balance ball that would normally look out of place during your dinner party. Crafted from an ancient reclaimed Bristlecone Pine with four rare hearts that perished in a Colorado wildfire back in the late 1800's or early 1900's. This flexible tray table wraps over your couch's armrest to create a stable platform to ensure your beverage of choice is close at hand. These unique designer tables are based on the iconic beer bottle cap and come in three sizes ranging from coffee table height to a tall bar table.
With its antique brass finish and sleek glass top, this geometric side table is the perfect functional accent piece. This captivating coffee table is a modern day homage to the magic carpets that once roamed the Earth. The Gravitas Cement Table is a seriously stylish piece of furniture that can withstand the rigors of children's mealtimes or disorderly party guests.

Made to resemble stools used by hardworking workers from days of yore, the stool features a comfortable leather upholstered seat and an all around steel footrail. Blend the old and the new with this this eco-friendly bench made from reclaimed shorea railroad ties. Made from vegetable tanned American cow hides, this classic, durable backpack is built to endure years of use and the whims of fashion.
Just pack your clothing in the outer bag and roll it up around the central hollow tube designed to separately store shoes and toiletries.
This innovative steamer has three independent cooking chambers each with separate temperature and timer controls that can even be programmed to finish all at the same time. These elegant indoor plant misters from England come in either full brass construction or with a nickel-plated finish and are designed to spritz an ultra-fine mist to not only raise the humidity levels around plants and flowers, but also to help keep leaves and petals dust free. This brush is perfect for anyone who is serious about getting their online image just right. These fun knitted wig hats are perfect for chilly days or for when you're having a bad hair day. Completely American-made, this kit will effectively end your days of scavenging for the perfect tool.
Made from natural, comfortable rubber, these boots are 100 percent waterproof and feature a cool contrasting yellow lug sole.
They have been in use for the past several decades as are now a permanent fixture of living rooms. Many items are part new, designed around original old doors to create practical cupboards and sideboards with a traditional Indian feel.

Please contact us prior to purchase if you would like let us know your preference and see photos of the exact item we would send you. It's constructed from solid shesham wood with a clove lacquer finish and features iron hardware, a removable serving tray, and beveled panels.
Fill it with your beverage of choice and your guests will be beguiled as you pour their drink. Other pieces are true original Indian pieces once used in their homes such as damchiyas (originally used to store the brides dowry) or we’ve even had an old Indian village fridge! Best of all, you can keep a stash of wine inside using the removable dividers that can hold up to eight bottles. Privacy Policy600 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels.
Even a few decades ago, a solid wooden coffee table was largely a low and rectangular shaped item that mimicked the couch. Today, both the solid wooden coffee table and the traditional are available in just about any geometric combination. People mostly prefer our sheesham solid wooden coffee table because of its durability and strength. These tables can also be used for keeping magazines, TV remote, family picture frame and other similar stuff.

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