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Fence posts are one of the most important parts of your wood fence when it comes to withstanding the stresses of time and nature. Whether your wood fence choice is cedar, treated pine or something rarer, we are the premier wood fence contractor. Landscapers often add vinyl lattice at the top of a solid privacy fence to give the fence some character. How-: love dowel joinery - woodworking, Why love dowel connect project parts rest woodworking career, dowel joint precision dowels, tight joint. Here there is a little catch: to generate smoke it uses prefabricated smoke briquettes which are available from company distributors.
Check this photo of my friend Waldemar who build his smoker for free, yet he will make a better smoked product than any of the $50,000 smokers. If you can bring yourself to smoke the meat with cold smoke and cook it in your kitchen you can use a big cardboard box for a smoker. The original farmstead smokehouses were just sturdy square buildings with a small fire pit inside and a strong lock on the door.

For years, I've BBQ'd on Weber kettles, and for more serious ventures, a water smoker that looks like R2D2!
A couple of months ago, I built a wooden "smoke house", which will allow me to get more smoke into whatever I want to try, at lower temperatures.
Find kennels, vinyl fencing, privacy fence, picket fence, electric fence, posts, gates and more. Another smoker that can be built almost without any costs as the blocks in some areas are lying everywhere. I would like one that I could bbq chicken and steaks on with dual vertical smokers on the sides.
You've come to the right place, there's lot's of great people here who love to share and help each other out!
Is there anyway that you could give me a couple more pictures and some of the specs, such as is it insulated in anyway, what type of hotplate are you using, and maybe some rough measurements. I can make the basic design but I'm kinda wondering where to place all the dampners and heat sheilds for even temp.

You can get away with that when smoking larger pieces of meat like butts or loins but with sausages high temperatures spell simply a disaster.
I am a new resident to your home state of Wisconsin and I would think that if I insulated it, that it would make it easier to keep it regulated in the colder months (September thru May). I know it's probably alot of trial and error but I'm looking for some good plans to eliminate some of the error. I would like to clarify a point here that I am not talking about barbecuing or grilling which are separate arts.

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