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You don`t have to spend always a lot of money for a great and practical container for your garden plants and flowers.
All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. Raised garden beds can be square or rectangle for sure and sit nicely in your garden but if you’re looking for something a little more unique, you can have that too.
This Four Level Pyramid Raised Garden Bed would rock for herbs, or maybe something like strawberries or cascading flowers. The garden above belongs to the Mississippi Public Broadcasting Radio Show and it’s very cool. Does anyone know if the raised bed attracts slugs, ants or other pests the same way that rocks or wood does? Over the next few days your slugs will be attracted to the chemical smells of the fermented beverage. There are many creative and inexpensive DIY ways to make amazing decoration that will be functional in the same time. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof. Raised garden beds are super versatile, have many benefits, and you can buy them in kits or even make them yourself with very little building know-how. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Both are Landscape-in-a-box kits and come with all you need to set up a cute little garden plot, including, curved composite timbers and stacking joints, eco-friendly curved composite wood grain timber made with 40% wood fiber and 60% recycled polyethylene, a durable rot-proof frame, an optional solar light kit, and the whole deal is toxin and splinter free. Public gardens are filled with interesting design choices, but when it comes to planning a garden at home, the possibilities can seem overwhelming. The garden is in Port Orchard, Washington, and the article in Sunset notes, “Kirk and Teri Doughty wanted to make room for a productive vegetable garden without losing the lawn their children love to play on. Landscaper David Tubberville helped them develop a series of raised beds that step down the slope. While planting flowers seems like second nature, why cultivate a space that looks like every other garden?

You have an endless options just be creative and use your imagination and it will result with a pretty cool garden pots and containers that everyone gonna love them. Better yet–mix blooms with interesting greenery for a modern effect, as shown in the image below.
The height of the border and the silver-white hue of the wood are two eye-catching reasons to give this idea a try! The flowers below are an assortment of rich tones, but their careful arrangement is a work of art.
Surprise yourself with some intentional planting and watch as your floral sculpture comes to life.
For a twist on this classic technique, try planting the shrubs inside of the flowerbeds, then tame them into sphere-like forms for a contemporary look that’s full of charm. Choose red-leafed plants for variety, and surround them with greenery to make their color pop. While covered with flowers for part of the year, this garden focal point is most often pure green in color.
Enhance its verdant appearance by strategically planting an assortment of grasses and shrubs in the space around it.
Not only does it serve as a silvery ground cover, it’s simply irresistible hanging from a tall perch. Taking the time to make these walkways as beautiful as they are functional enhances an outdoor space. Instead of placing concrete tiles side by side, leave some room in between the stones, as shown below.
Even if they spill over onto the stones, the resulting mounds of vegetation are visually stunning. Pebbles can create a modern look, especially when combined with rectangular walkway tiles and sprout-like grasses. Creating borders for a walkway makes attractive tiles even more prominent, especially when the stone is dark and surrounded with white pebbles.
Instead of creating straight lines with your walkways, cultivate them to open onto wider resting spaces, as shown below.

There is power in the sturdy statement of a tree trunk, especially when arranged around a wooden table for group seating options. Surrounding spaces can be just as important as seating itself, especially when a geometrically pleasing sanctuary takes center stage.
Make outdoor dining spaces appealing with clean, flat surfaces like the slatted furnishings below. Consider the space itself, the type of surrounding vegetation involved, and what is practical for your time and budget. For an extra touch, add a birdbath or other statuesque item in the center of the water feature, as shown in the koi pond image below. Birdbaths and fountains are lovely garden additions, especially when given prominent placement. Choose vegetation of different colors and heights, and include nonliving elements such as rocks to turn empty pots into interesting plantscapes.Modern Meets Traditional GardeningAnother way to create compelling potted plant arrangements involves mixing the modern with the traditional. For example, fill contemporary concrete planters with feminine flowers, as seen in the container on the left (below). Instead of filling modern pots with conventional blooms, fill traditional containers, such as urns, with modern succulents for a surprising contrast.
Choose similar colors and styles for your plants, or for a more minimalist yet powerful approach, go for multiples of the same pot. Stacking these everyday items to create a wall of modern planters results in an architectural masterpiece.
These practical details are garden-worthy, but they don’t require any weeding or tending!

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