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I already had one big, beefy wooden pallet in my shop just waiting to be turned into a hip, industrial rolling table. Now, since my column is limited to 300 words, let me add a few more words to let you know some my behind the scenes thoughts. I also made a pallet ottoman but I added wheels to the bottom and used 2 full size pallets for mine! Using electric knife, cut foam making sure you keep knife blades at a right angle to foam, cutting straight along marked lines.  If knife gets slow, spray blades with silicone. Blows me away what antique snobs are doing reading this fabulous tutorial and making it into something is was clearly not intended for .
2nd question - if using old foam from a sofa, can you use two pieces laid down side by side?  Or must it be one large piece?  Thank you for any direction you can give! Unfortunately, it does appear you've turned an antique (perhaps worth about $200) into something quite other.
Great tutorial, I live in Dallas and we have some fabric outlet stores with much cheaper foam. Customer CommentsCOMMENT: We needed an ottoman with storage available and the leather piece will accent our remodeled living room nicely. All our oversized storage ottomans are custom built for you with pride in North Carolina, USA and your satisfaction is our highest priority. Sign up now to learn about exciting upcoming sales, new products and special events at clubfurniture.

It’s a little embarrassing when people come over and they have no place to put their drinks. Please credit my blog and provide a link when re-posting to your blog, website, pinterest etc. You see, a few weeks ago, a big roomy ottoman popped up on Pinterest with a comment that it was a pallet ottoman. This fabulous, giant coffee table would have cost me a lot less if I would have just settled for fabric I already had on hand. There are two reasons: it is aesthetically pleasing, and it allows the table to do triple-duty. I priced a 24 X 36" piece from Joann's at $54, on sale I think, and was able to get a 27" X 60" piece of foam at a local fabric outlet for $18. This is one of the best economical decorating ideas for the home I have found yet!  Thank you for this great solution. I’m searching for a upholstered ottoman because I like the soft lines and that the piece can be used as additional seating. Please ask permission to use complete blog posts with my original written text, instructions or photos for web, tv or print use.
Not so!!!  It was a West Elm ottoman that someone evidently thought could be easily copied using a wooden pallet.
Not to be, I needed something fresher for your eyes and this small ikat print was just the right texture and weight.  Next, you can add any kind of feet you want, traditional, modern, casters, modern metal legs or any salvaged leg you might find.
In order to have a straight bottom edge, you need to attach extra boards all around the bottom to form a nice, even bottom edge.

I tried to look at the original article, but it is only available in the Indy Star Paid archive, which I am unwilling to pay for found you from a link of The Brick House blog post showing construction of your Rope Walls in your studio.
The ottoman can be used as a coffee and cocktail table, it can be used as a footrest, and it can be used as extra seating when needed. I bought an old coffee table at the Harbor Habitat for Humanity ReStore for only $3.98 and I've completed the first few steps. I thought I needed a much larger version but then when I saw the size in my room I realized I needed to go much smaller.
Here was the rub though; there was no upholstered pallet ottoman tutorial to be found anywhere.  (Can you hear the cavalry coming? For these reasons, it is ideal for small spaces, or for a minimalist decor, in which you want to have as little furniture as possible. Most of the pieces are available in additional fabrics so don’t be discouraged by the upholstery pictured. I eventually want to pair the ottoman with a nice rolled back striped sofa similar to one shown. It turns out that what you think are nails holding it together, are really nails that are threaded.  I don’t know how hard it is to pound those kind of nails in, but let me tell you, it was nearly impossible to pull them out!
May I suggest that instead of pulling all of that stuffing to the underside, stop at the bottom edge so the fabric is the only thing that rolls over that bottom edge.

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