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My absolute favorite thing about this headboard is the meaning behind it.  I knew I wanted to incorporate I Corinthians 13 somewhere in our master bedroom makeover. Unroll the batting onto the floor.  Stack the two layers of foam on top of the batting (bumpy side in), followed by the wood.
Pull the foam tight and staple it to the wood.  Be sure to start out with one staple in the middle of each side and then work your way around the edges.
I originally planned to use a bleach pen to write the words, but I quickly found that was just a big ole mess.
I hung my headboard on the wall just like I would hang a heavy mirror or piece of art.  I attached a heavy duty wire across the back of the headboard and then hung it on the wall using two screws with anchors.

If you were going to make a headboard with a message, what would yours say?  Any other ideas of nontraditional surfaces to decorate with words?  I think a floor or accent wall would be pretty cool. Get the free ebook: How to completely transform your house with paintPlus lots more free DIY inspiration every week! I’m so glad I read this, because I have a bench I’ve not been able to recover due to the cost of foam for it! It’s definitely a fun and useful home project since you’ll be seeing it every night! You did a great job explaining it, though, so I won’t feel so intimidated by it when I finally do get around to doing it.

Even using the 40% off coupon, if they even allow you to use it (mine wouldn’t, hence the Amazon knowledge) Of course this only works if you have the time to wait for it to ship.

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