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The ERA Snaplock can be used on most types of windows including casement, side hung or top hung. Here at Ultimate Joinery we pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of all our Joinery Products. Dolphin Sealants Arbosil LM 380mlSealant applicators and suppliers120 Kingsway, Woking, Surrey. From concept to design we offer a friendly and professional service at very competitive prices.Doors Ultimate timber front doors are manufactured to exacting quality standards, from sustainable hardwood such as Iroko and Sepele and using traditional methods of construction.
Mortice and tenon joints and engineered stiles sealed with water resistant glue add to the strength of construction.Draft Proofing Nowadays people are trying to make savings in their heating bills.

Draft proofing your sliding sash or timber casement windows is one part of our cost effective way of providing energy efficiency. You will also notice the significant noise reduction, it will cancel out the noise of rattling sashes.It is common in a lot of houses to have the radiator situated under the window so making it even more costly to heat your home. Due to the fundamental design of sliding sash windows there is a significant amount of air which escapes from between the sash and frame. Therefore it is important to draft proof your windows to reduce leakage as much as possible.Ultimate Joinery’s draft-proof system is the most effective way of draft proofing a sliding sash or casement window.
Our skilled tradesmen can draft proof, refurbish or replace your existing windows and doors either on site or in our factory. We offer quality workmanship at an affordable price.Refurbishment At Ultimate Joinery we take pride in all our work, specialising in renovation and fabrication of period timber windows, allowing you to retain your properties original features.

Our services also include slim double glazing fabrication and quality draft proofing.With all our refurbishment work be it sliding sash, casement windows or old doors, Ultimate Joinery can provide a cost effective solution to your problems whilst improving their visual appearance. We check all timbers and remove and replace any that are rotten, sills, bottom rails, meeting rails, linings and pulley stiles.A two part epoxy resin filler is used for minor and major repairs.
All flaky paint is removed and the frames sanded down, a coat of primer is applied to weather the timber ready for decoration. Damaged or failing hardware is replaced, locks, handles, hinges, pulleys, ropes and weights are all checked to ensure easy up and down movement.

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