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Urban Outfitters is under fire for a product resembling the uniform forced on gay prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. The Anti-Defamation League called on Urban Outfitters to remove a gray-and-white striped tapestry with a pink triangle from its shelves, saying it too closely resembles the uniforms gay men were forced to wear during the Holocaust.
An example of a Nazi prison uniform with a color-coded inverted triangle (left, in red to indicate a political prisoner) and the controversial Urban Outfitters tapestry (right). This is not the first time Urban Outfitters has faced outcry over an item resembling Nazi camp uniforms.
It seems retailer Urban Outfitters just can't resist controversy, having already released a faux-bloodstained Kent State sweatshirt, a Holocaust-evoking "Jewish Star" shirt, and jewellery ripped off from a smaller independent designer. While we’re blessed with blistering British heat, make the most of it with our guide for the perfect picnic, complete with super on trend Corgi paraphernalia. With glacier ice blue eyes and pre-requisite killer cheekbones, Pavel Baranov is one of Russia’s finest male modelling exports.

Future dreams include moving to New York “I’ve always wanted to move there for some time, I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s a city I adore,” he tells us, and possibly going back to school for music or drama.
This leading man has a great outlook on life, “I live life under the rule of try anything once” stating the one thing he couldn’t live without would be laughter.
For 2012 the perennially popular floral print trend takes on a darker, Tretchikoff and Nabokov inspired edge.
About UsPHOENIX is an internationally distributed, independent magazine that represents the beating heart of London’s vibrant fashion and culture scene.
PHOENIX is intelligently crafted and insightful, factually informative yet entertaining, and unpretentious while aspirational.
Launched to industry acclaim in June 2010, PHOENIX has fast become the indispensable publication for Britain’s most creative and thought provoking designers, artists, photographers and writers.
Gay men in Germany, who were considered a hindrance to the growth of the German population and sent to concentration camps, had to wear striped uniforms emblazoned with pink triangles, according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

They had acknowledged the resemblance and decided against including the star on the final product. Originally from Saint Petersburg, the Baranov family moved to London when Pav was six years old. When asked how he would spend a lottery win, Baranov was quick to answer, “A house in the country for my mum because she deserves it”. Since beginning his career as a model, he’s fronted campaigns for Topman, as well as walking for Costume National, DSquared2 and DKNY. Baranov also tries to visit his extended family back in Russia as much as possible, although a trip to South America would be a dream come true.

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