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While it seems like the majority of buyers are looking for fifth wheel toy haulers, we also sell a surprising number of travel trailer toy haulers as well. An inspection should be done on any toy hauler that you are seriously interested in buying.
Unless you live somewhere very remote, you will no doubt have access to dozens of used toy haulers for sale.
Giant RV carries a wide selection of new and used Toy Hauler Makes and Models such as Weekend Warrio,Stealth, Cyclone, Shockwave, Raptor, Vortex, Stellar, Sandstorm, Attitude, Nitro, XLR, Wildwood, Wildcat, Crossroads, Tailgator, Tahoe, Salem. We are located in the High Rockies and lots of folks love to run around these mountains on ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles.
Not everyone wants to clutter up the bed of their pickup with a fifth wheel hitch and not everyone drives a pickup truck. Before you go out and look at any of them, get online and visit some of the owners forums for the specific toy haulers you think youa€™ll be interested in. Youa€™ll find we are very straightforward and we have a lot of happy customers that keep coming back. It's not unusual at all for an old customer come in who just wants to upgrade from their older toy hauler into a new model.
These can be a great deal, especially if they have been stored in a garage or under an awning of some sort.

If you dona€™t have the skills to do an inspection or you dona€™t have the time to do it, hire a qualified RV tech to do it for you. Most of the time when this happens, ita€™s a customer with a Keystone Fuzion who wants to upgrade to a new Fuzion. When you load a couple of UTVs into a toy hauler, the weight of the trailer increases dramatically. Lots of times a seller who is just going to be moving up to a new toy hauler will opt to seller the used RV himself knowing that he is not likely to get the most out of it from an RV dealer.
Exposure does all kinds of damage to an RV and it is not limited to the exterior paint and graphics.
Youa€™ll find no more reliable and honest information than what you can read on the owners forums.
Larger trailers will be able to store more of this equipment and for many prospective owners this will determine the size of toy hauler that will be considered when buying.You will require a fifth wheel hook up on your pickup truck in order to tow one, due to their large size and weight. The 5th wheel Fuzion toy hauler is by far the most popular toy hauler we sell and we sell a lot of toy haulers.
Heavy trailers can cause instability at highway speeds unless sophisticated weight distribution hitches are used.
Youa€™ll get an even better deal if you stumble upon a seller who is having financial problems and just needs to get out from underneath the monthly payments.

Sunlight and excessive heat will contribute to the degradation of the furniture, window coverings and even the tires.
Like anything else, there are great toy haulers and there are those that you should probably avoid altogether. As with all large trailers make sure that the towing vehicle is rated to haul the weight of the used toy hauler when it is loaded with all of your toys and equipment. Likewise, if you inadvertently exceed the maximum towing capacity of the car, truck, or SUV, you have created an extremely unsafe towing situation.
A vehicle that has been stored properly will look almost as good as new and have a lot of life left in it. If the owners of a particular toy hauler dona€™t like their toy haulers for what seems like sound reasons, why would you even want to look at one?
The point here is that you need to ask a bunch of questions of every seller to figure out their real motivations.
You need to make it a priority to find out what sort of use every toy hauler you look at has had and how ita€™s been stored.

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