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The Nite wall mounted bedside table is a project of Bernardo Senna for Maze, a famous manufacturer from Sweden. The Scribble quilt with sham by TrueModern completely changes the look of your modern bedroom. For all you bookworms out there – this bookshelf is an ideal decoration for any modern bedroom. Elegant and long lasting, TrueModern’s bedroom furniture perfectly blends smooth lines and proportions with a creative approach to colour which is both unusual and stylish without being garish.
The Esprit modern bedside cabinet by Alivar is an amazing piece of bedroom furniture from the Esprit line.
This charming curved Mito white bedside cabinet is part of a wide range of truly amazing white bedroom furniture by SMA Italy. Space Saving Wall-Mount Bedside Table - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. This space saving piece of bedroom furniture is great not only for bedrooms but also for foyers. The quilt can be combined with one of TrueModern’s colorful duvet sets for extra warmth during cold winter night, or stands alone.

It can be found in gloss or matt lacquer, with a lacquered or chromed steel base, the nightstand features complementing dressers. It doesn’t occupy floor space however provides convenient storage space for newspapers, favorite bedtime reading and gadgets.
So this piece of modern bedroom furniture comes with a changing table and you may choose not to use it – the choice is totally up to you.
The finish on this piece is white ash, a brand new finish from Italy, where the surface has been lacquered with an even color however the beautiful texture of the wood still shows through the paint making this bedside cabinet look modern with a retro twist. Even though you will need a wall mounted lamp since there’s no space for tabletop version on this small bedside table. It’s made from two-hundred-and-twenty thread count cotton sateen and graphic scribble stitch with pure cotton fill.
The Milan modern bedroom set is especially designed for young people running a busy lifestyle; it’s a model of modernity. Best of all, it arrives fully assembled (parents have got their hands full with the precious babies, and they do not need to be assembling furniture as well – don’t you think so?! This manufacturer creates stunning lacquer furniture in many different colors, and is one of most renowned modern furniture manufactures from Italy.

This finish is fast becoming popular because the wood texture offers extra interest as well as softness.
The table doesn’t occupy floor space but provide some storage for magazines, glasses, alarm clocks and books by the bed.
It’s made out of white Plexiglas and features double triangle design which looks quite interesting.
It performed in the style of modern and carries with it, the elements of practicality and rigor. What’s more, the anti tipping devices guarantee that no amount of kids’ play is going to knock this changing table dresser over. What’s more, the slightly creamy white color looks brilliant with upholstered beds and also with the white ash beds.

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