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The shelving end brackets you used would be absolutely perfect for a project I am working on in my bathroom.
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These compartments attach to the unit's extrusions, which are similar to rungs on a stainless steel ladder. Here you can find much information about Wall Mounted Coat Rack Target manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers.
I will advise you that it does get dirty after about a month, but it looks literally brand new after a washing (and equally as fluffy too!).
This Green Metal Antiqued Wall Mounted Magazine rack will help you to easily file those home decor tips and recipes from all your favorite magazines!

The wall mounted magazine rack displays both catalogs and literature pamphlets in each pocket.
I feel the rest of the room looks so clean and modern except for the floral rug which doesn’t add much to the space. Removable dividers allow separation of different materials within the same compartment, similar to other modern wood brochure holders currently available.
The wall mounted magazine rack is typically used in waiting rooms, school foyers, office parks, and travel bureaus to provide passersby with information.
These literature racks are perfect for providing many catalogs at once, as they feature many pocket options with one, non-stainless steel unit. Or you are a Wall Mounted Coat Rack Target manufacturer, click here to publish your product information now.

The wall mounted magazine rack, like brochure holders, features a brushed aluminum frame with a black finish. The wall mounted magazine rack also includes hardware for installation onto most surface types. Users can consult with a local hardware store professional when unsure if the provided hardware is adequate for their wall surface type.
These brochure holders, like modern wood units and stainless steel displays, are high quality displays that are available at a low price not found anywhere else online.

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