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Yrob, for now I’m storing extra plane blades, the depth gauge for my router plane, some extra plane parts I have lying around, etc. I also watch this online video series of a great how-to that shows a good step-by-step build, and a good episode on building the holders. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. I am a Zimbabwean with an English passport living in Vancouver, BC who travels overseas a lot with my work. We rent when we need to travel down to the US and the border service also find it strange that we don't own a car here.
Almost finished my cabinet (door handles and door stops to fit) but it's time to make room on my bench to assemble my JMP. This one has been in the making for a couple of years and I did not have the vision to see what I would be falling for. Thanks for the reminder, that and your review will be useful there is light at the end of the tunnel . I was out of The MacCallan Cask Strength, so I substituted a bourbon of similar color, although the Maker's Mark is not nearly as smoooooth.
Lee Valley Apartment Workbench Plan This combination workbench and tool cabinet is our adaptation of a century-old antique bench originally sold by the Hammacher-Schlemmer company, then a supplier of fine tools and hardware to the trades as well as to discerning hobbyists.
Resembling a wooden hutch or other piece of fine furniture, it measures a compact 47" x 19" x 36" tall when folded closed. The bench accommodates our removable pipe vise (available separately, our item #15G01.03), which can serve as both a front and tail vise. Though it occupies little more than 7 square feet of wall area, this cabinet offers a full 26 square feet of storage on the perforated-hardboard panels alone.

Purchase the full Shop-in-a-Box Cabinet Woodworking Plan, including detailed diagrams and complete material list. For more tool storage options, visit the Shop Cabinets, Storage, and Racks section in the WOOD Store.
I am a converted power tool junkie and at the time I saw these cabinets I did not think I would ever need on.
However I am getting so much stuff stuffed into all of my nooks and crannies that I can't find what I need when I need it.
I ain't looking forward to building a wall cabinet because I will have to reorg my entire shop.
The till was originally in its own dedicated cabinet at a less severe angle, but after testing this new position out, it held the planes fine. I may have had a better and easier installtion if I had decided before assembling the cabinet. Decisions still to be made on the handle and finish and the installation of the door stops.
Our detailed project plans guide you through every step of building your own version of this versatile, self-contained work station. Dimensioned plans are supplied with detailed instructions covering construction of the bench, drawers and panel wrap separately, with an additional chapter of general construction notes, full of tips, hardware suggestions, design variations and other helpful advice. Suitable for woodworkers of intermediate skill using a modest selection of hand or power tools; you supply lumber and hardware of your choice. I know for me everything has to have a certain place and I really like that with your as well, no place for it means I can't buy it! Most often it's sharpening, but I also use it for drilling, holding bench hooks and shooting boards and occassionally as a chop-saw station.

Thus, there are no dovetails (just dado and rabbets), and I used a lot of scrap oak, pine, and aspen plywood for the panels. And then I just used screws for most of the tool holders, being careful not to go through the panel. I always worry about those cabinets that are stuffed full - it takes the fun out of thinking about what you might still need. A sturdy and space-efficient workbench, it is a practical size for small to medium-scale woodworking, as well as for many hobbies and crafts. As I modify, get new tools, and re-arrange the holders, I’m sure the panels will get a little chewed up, but so it goes. The doors are about 3" deep and are outfitted with holders for chisels, saws, and other tools. The area where the measuring tools are is pretty sparse, and have room to add an inner door there if needed.
The interior door that covers the vertical till has tool holders on each side and houses a series of braces and eggbeaters drills on one side and dovetail saws on the other. The NEXT tool cabinet I build will be fancy and heirloom-esque, but for now, this should do.

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