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Wedding guest books are invariably a terrific way to perhaps recall the special time you had with your guests at your wedding.
Bored with the typical sign-in albums with listing of names where wedding guests basically sign and pass it around?
Either side on the puzzle features a portrait photo chosen by the bride and groom and have the back side for the wedding guest’s personal comments. Arrange an old-fashioned typewriter together with long pieces of paper for guests to type their good wishes as the mood strikes. An Irish wedding tradition wherein they have their wedding guests write their best wishes on smooth stones. Receive some marvelous and crazy feedback with these creative mad libs-inspired guest book. Now let your guest sign a bottle of wine with a glass marker and let them leave a note for the couple.
If you are a music junkie, it’s more fun to use the vinyl record as a guest book instead. Celebrate your wedding day along with loving words of your friends flanked by your chosen wedding photo. If you have a music band or simply love music, you might want to repurpose one of your guitar into a guest book.
Grab the moments of your wedding event with the best souvenir and genuine messages that you can treasure and display for a long time.
A Wish Tree as an alternative guest book coming from a Dutch wedding tradition where visitors are provided with a sheet of paper. A different way to engage with your guest is to have them take a block of Jenga stick to write their message to the happy couple. For those couple who have a timeless vintage or travel styled wedding, using vintage postcards as guest book complements it.
Engagement guestbooks are impressive considering that it lets you show off lots of the engagement session photos, while giving yet another kind of guest book to sign at the wedding reception. Another guest book alternative is to have your guest sign a large wooden guest book that is almost the size of a tree trunk. Aurora Gatbonton and the rest of the WPD Blog Team wants you to get hitched with creativity, style, and technology.
Boho style has been around for ages, representing free expression and personalization, a feeling of unconventional, gypsy-like decor and eclectic elements.
More and more brides would love to embrace things in vintage for their weddings which gives a stylish and romantic nod to the past with these details. Lights everywhere can be just great for the country weddings, and candles will make those better. Wedding arches are more and more popular and having a country style arch at the ceremony to witness the couple’s ever happiness. Use mason jars to decorate the guests seating and tables, or as vessel to treat guests can add a touch of country rustic feel to the event. Have the bride or the bridesmaids wearing boots, and also, boots with country flowers can be the perfect table decorations. Sending out wedding invitations printed in dark brown lettering on beige paper with weathered edges to indicate the country theme wedding and encourage guests dressing casually. Wedding cakes play an important role in a wedding, not only the treat but also the decorations. Lavender works wonderfully in a bouquet on its own or mixed with green or white mini flowers. Lavender can be used to decorate every part of your wedding from table-top decorations to wedding favors. If you don’t want to go overboard with floral decorations, why not add a touch of lavender color into the wedding with some colorful macaroons and cakes. Here are some wedding invitations from our design team that we feel will work fantastic with the above theme. If your budget is tight, then why not have your maids carry pumpkins or at least for a sneaky photo, we love this style above and love how the bride has carefully selected blooms to work with the pumpkins.
Tip: Make sure you scoop out the pumpkin to make them lighter or buy mini pumpkins to ensure your maids don’t end up with a bad back.
If you don’t want anyone carrying a pumpkin then why not just take a few photos in the farmers field, this really does say ‘fall’ and ‘rustic’. Be quirky and imaginative with your styling and make clever use of any spare bits of pumpkin, they really can just about decorate anywhere, candle, cakes, flower and beer holders and lastly why not have your wedding invitations designed with a special pumpkin motif invites weddings already have a great selection for you to choose from, but if you have your own ideas, simply contact us for a free consultation and we’ll set about making the perfect invitations for you. Because there are so many fabulous floral invitations we have decided to break the blog into two parts and continue to look at some styles that are perfect for outdoor wedding venues. The first one is quite contemporary and we appreciate that it will not be to every ones taste, however we love the color combinations and the floral motifs are bang on trend.

This purple rose wedding invitation is as elegant as they come, but without a hefty price tag that usually comes with elegance and class.
If you don’t fancy going OTT with the floral motifs, then how about keeping it plain and simple with something like this? As recently mentioned in one of our previous blogs, outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to the casual and laid-back nature of a garden or beach party. The above design comes in two color stories and is the perfect choice for either a spring, summer and Autumn weddings due to the warm shades of pink and lemon. One way to create a woodland style is to use lots of natural materials, we have chosen our favourite natural wood, bark and tree slice wedding decorations as well as ideas that you could use to create this look yourselves. For your wedding table numbers you could choose to have a table number holder made from an actual tree branch, use narrow branches so they don’t take up too much space on the table and slot your table number card into them. You want to create a relaxed centrepiece for a woodland styled wedding, nothing too perfect and uniformed, not all tables have to be the same.
The majority of venues provide a white linen table cloth for your tables, this is not very rustic!
Wooden tree slices or tree stumps could be used as a base for more than just your centrepieces. For an outdoor woodland wedding ceremony, position larger tree stumps down either side of the aisle and place jam jars with flowers and candles on top. This entry was posted in Decorations and Details, Inspiration Boards, Outdoor Wedding Decirations, Rustic Wedding Decorations, Wedding Decoration Inspiration, Wedding Decorations, Wedding Place Settings, Wedding Table Decorations, Wedding Table Numbers, Wedding Venue Decorations and tagged bark tea light holders, bark vases, rustic wedding decoration ideas, rustic wedding ideas, tree slice wedding centrepiece, tree slices, tree slices for weddings, tree stumps wedding, wooden tea light holders, wooden vases, woodland wedding ideas by Gemma. Please could you tell me what the wood slices are treated with as I’d like to put food on them? Who are we?The Wedding of my Dreams is an online boutique run by a group of inspiring florists and creative stylists. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. I love the natural beauty of wood and think it can look just stunning when incorporated into weddings. Your bridesmaids would look completely cool in these Landscape dresses from Norwegian Wood!
Also from Wedding Day Tree these cute tags would be perfect for attaching to the favours and doubling as place names.
And finally, I believe the very best way to incorporae the beauty of wood into your wedding day is by having your wedding in a wood! I really like the wooden invitations and tags but that last picture – oh my goodness!! Perfect for the fake wedding you may have to have as you can’t get married outside in England :( Or if Gav finally does ask you can do it abroad! This chest is reminiscent of the pirate chest of old, yet elegant enough for a modern day wedding chest.
It’s the first things about the wedding celebration your guest would probably see and give you a brief remark that you will appreciate everyday for a long time to come. The main factor to a brilliant guest book is actually a range of remarkable responses from your guests.
Wedding guest can strike a pose then leave their photo on the guest book, together with their short message for the couple. Put the pieces inside a glass container at the wedding venue, together with a message requesting guest to autograph the incomplete backside. You may wanna try hiring a caricature artist to draw the portrait of the bride and groom and let the wedding guest sign on it as they arrive.
Just let your guest press their thumb to create leaves in which they will place their signature or message for the bride and groom. Put together a wedding guest book table with plenty of pebbles and a glass vase filled up with water. Place them by your photo booth and let your guest write a short message before having their hilarious pose infront of the camera.
Then let the wine be stored and kept in your new family home and be opened up during wedding anniversaries. Use it on a table at the wedding reception with silver or gold marker pens and encourage your guests to have their autographs.
This can generate an awesome conversation when hang and display on the wall with a protective coat. Spaces inside the guest book enable wedding guests to jot down sweet advice and best wishes for the couple while displaying the best photos from your engagement photo shoot. If you have other ideas that would make an awesome guest book, share it with us through the comment section below. You can find things like delicate lace, old-fashioned typed labels, fabric signs, glass bottles in a vintage wedding.

Antique containers and old-fashioned typed labels are a fabulous idea to enhance the vintage look! You can decorate your wedding cake like this to make it vintage and match your bouquet as well.
Use old photos,  wedding guest book or menu, candles, glass bottles, vintage maps and some other accessories to create a vintage display table that you’ll fall in love with. Use delicate lace stem to wrap the blush pink bouquet- the color and texture are perfect for classic vintage look. Have lights or candles in the jars with shephards hooks or in the lantern for your decorations. Carrying lavender on your big day was once thought to ensure a long, happy marriage and is a great choice for those wanting something traditional in their big day. Lace and white cotton are great ways to bind your bouquets together and why not use some additional lavender into a head wreath to complete the ethereal look.
We also know that scents give us strong memories, so why not scatter lavender around tables to give a gorgeous aroma on the day; guests will automatically remember your wedding at the sniff of the lovely purple buds. It sums up the style and theme immediately and creates a warming sense for every guest in sight. Below is one of our current bestsellers and is a great choice for Autumn venues of rustic barn celebrations, due to it warm rich chocolate hues. Maybe you have chosen a venue that suits the woodland style (a barn or farm wedding venue) or perhaps as a couple, you love the outdoors, and a woodland wedding just feels right. There are a number of different wooden bark vases and vessels that could be used to hold your flowers. Large tree slices can be used for your wedding cake or lots of smaller ones for cup cakes or a dessert table. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. The pictured jigsaw from Bella Puzzles would make a great keepsake after all the guests have written on the individual pieces. You could attach balsa wood flowers to your cake or do the chocolate with woodgrain effect thing. I love everything about this picture but mainly it was to show you that using wood as cupcakes stands looks well good :D You can buy the flags from Wedzu too. Think about matching the theme of the guest book with the total theme of the wedding event. There are lots of creative ways to remember who helped you celebrate your extraordinary wedding day and record all the guests who came to share the joy of the celebration. If you are one of those brides planning a vintage wedding, take a look at the 12 amazing vintage wedding decoration ideas below.
A rustic country wedding calls for a planning mindset that stays on track with uncomplicated natural textures and elements that blend with the outdoors.
Not only is it a traditional color, but it also looks great with a stunning white dress and can be a great cheaper alternative for your bouquets.
We love the striking burnt orange color against a stark white dress and the fact that you can actually paint one to your specific color. Or for an even more rustic touch use a wooden tree slice as the base of your centrepiece, positioning your bottles, jars and vessels on top. We also really love the idea of gathering lots of large tree stumps and piling them up to create shelves. With our latest collection we know that with you have all the details you need create the wedding of your dreams. Let your guest write their best wishes, share their piece of advice, write a funny short story, compose a poem or recall a favorite memory. The tree is positioned at the entry ways towards the wedding reception to amaze your guests as they walk in.
From the ceremony to the reception, here are some tips for you to plan a perfect country rustic theme wedding.
There’s so many ways to incorporate one into your wedding and what more is it’s a big money saver (if you don’t mind putting some handy work in).
Indeed, these guest book ideas and alternatives are a perfect way to remember all of the people who help you to celebrate your big day.
After the wedding party celebration, take them on your honeymoon destination and read them together with your new spouse.

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