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There it is, my copy of The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff has arrived this Monday and I’m finally reviewing it for you. I was very surprised to find out that I couldn’t choose the language while installing the game. I haven’t really counted how many new objects are in the game, but all in all there are new objects to fully furnish a bedroom, living room, bathroom, study room with hobby objects, plus new deco objects. I really like the new shower, because unlike the other one it’s not round and the toilet is new as well. And now I thought of the fact that I totally forgot to take some pictures from Create a Sim. It has really seemed like there would be a few problems with it, but everything has cleared up eventually.
For some reason, the installer chose Czech language for me as a default (I wouldn’t mind, because I understand it) but the biggest surprise was to find the icon on my desktop to be in the Czech language, too.

I’m letting you know just in case you bought it from somewhere else (like I did from the USA) and suddenly the language was differend. I like to have all kinds of furniture in my game, because all my Sims are different and I furnish their houses on the basis of what they are like. I think Maxis tried to build the lot in modern style, but they completely failed at furnishing it. The new objects are the sofa, living chair, video game console, coffee table, TV, dresser, stairs, painting (right behind the stairs) and the pile of CDs on the coffee table. It looks very nice with the light blue lighting, but it’s the only lamp I kept the default color of light.
The blur is way too big and covers everything around Sims and when I take pictures of them taking a bath, it’s just disturbing.
Having a few geeks keen on playing video games and watching TV all day, this stuff pack makes the perfect furniture for them.

They really could test the objects better, it’s not like there are 300 of them, right?
But I remember there were a few nice bob hairstyles for females and some very useful hairs for guys, too.
All lights in the game are set to light blue as well, which is a little annoying but you can always change the color of lighting in the game, so in the end it’s not that bad. It has three slots for decor objects, plus a plastic duck and bubble bath can be placed on it. If you like geek and modern stuff, you’re going to like this new stuff pack and I can only recommend it.

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