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Though mostly used in branch form for wicker basketry and cane making, willow wood can be useful in construction and paper manufacturing due to its fast growth rate.
There are a number of different species of willow native to Ireland and Scotland ranging from shrub size to trees reaching up to 30 feet in height. The problem is compounded by the fact that many species of willow hybridise and identification of species is more dependent on the nature of the leaves or catkins rather than physical examination of the actual wood. Willow cut across the grain on a diagonal as might be seen on the side of a harp with a wide tapering soundbox like those found on the Trinity College and Lamont Harp, planed but not polished. Willow has a number of properties making it suitable for the sound boxes of wire strung harps.

Willows can vary from low growing shrubs to huge trees with pendulous canopies like the well known weeping willow.
Physically although the timber is light in weight its fibrous structure gives it great toughness with flexibility and a resistance to splitting under duress, for example the impact that a cricket bat has to repetitively withstand every time a batsman hits the ball. However, the soft pulpy nature of the wood also has a tendency to naturally damp the small high-frequency harmonics produced by metal strings, whose energy can rapidly build up to an excessive level. It appears to have been the most common choice of wood for making harps, especially the soundboxes. This property, not necessary for gut strings could have been regarded as another of willows desirable qualities.

The older texts make no distinction regarding the exact species of willow, nor so far, do any of the identifications made of the use of willow for any of the museum instruments.

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