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Depuis le 8 Avril, la securite de votre systeme est menacee a cause de l’arret du support de Windows XP. A recent survey of 322 desktop administrators who have been involved in migrating from Win XP to Win 7 sheds interesting light into the impact, problems and opinions related to managing and executing this type of project. So as you tackle your OS migration, think about these insights and how you might be able to avoid some of the challenges others who have gone before you have faced. Do any of the experiences expressed in the charts below resonate with you and your organization?
This entry was posted in End-User Computing Overview, VMware Mirage and tagged End User Computing, enterprise desktop, EUC, Horizon Suite, Mirage, VMware mirage, VMware Mirage, Windows 7 Migration on May 1, 2013 by Sarah Semple. VMware End-User Computing extends the power of virtualization — from data centers to devices —and empowers IT to deliver work at the speed of life. End-users that wish to keep their user settings, personal data and program settings are looking for easy to use Windows 7 migration software. Upgrade of an operating system to Windows 7 is going to replace the old operating system Windows XP or Vista.
Windows Easy Transfer – the free Windows Easy Transfer lets you migrate files and settings to a new computer. Easy Computer Sync – this program is not freeware but it provides a fast tool to transfer files and settings from an old computer to a new computer using a cable. Easy PC Transfer – commercial software to migrate files and settings to another computer which can password-protect files to be transferred, for security and privacy purposes. LapLink PCMover – the undo feature in PCMover when you prefer to cancel migration is a plus.

Trust by Million Users - Instantly reset password for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Vista in a quick and simple way, without data loss and leaking out private information.
Welke applicaties die nu als GUI beschikbaar zijn zullen worden gemigreerd naar een web omgeving? Is de migratie ook een goed moment om andere gekoppelde systemen en voorzieningen te herzien? Abraxax kijkt naar de juiste tooling om een migratie kosteneffectief en snel uit te kunnen voeren. Are you wondering if you’re doing it right or possibly doing something wrong that could lead to trouble down the road?
Who conducted the survey, in which countries and which kinds of companies have been interviewed (SMB, large enterprises)?
Ilabs Technology Solutions has Microsoft certified engineers who has proved their capabilities and can assist in all stages of OS migration process. Microsoft provides free Windows Easy Transfer but if you’re on Windows 2000 and older OS, you need a commercial edition of a migration tool.
If you upgrade to Windows by the installation DVD of Windows 7, files and applications your holding and require no new installation.
It means the files and settings in Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 are saved in a safe location and then transferred to a new computer running Windows 7.
Resize or partition the hard-disk before saving files and settings to a new hard-disk or new computer running Windows 7. You can transfer settings, files and programs whether you’re using Windows 2000 or a newer operating system.

Setting up programs in Windows 7, rather than the program settings from an old operating system damaged or incorrectly configured prevent program settings. For f**k’s sake ???????? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ??????? ?? hardware ???? ???? developers (????? ??? official releases), ??? ?? ??????? ???? ?? ?????? driver development.
The program is not free and it costs $60 to enjoy the complete migration features by PCMover. If you really need migration software, consider the transfer only the important files that require no installation such as photos, documents and other files of the user. Migration to Windows 7 means that you store the files and settings in the current operating system before installing Windows 7, or the transfer of files and settings to a new computer with Windows 7. You should also consider purchasing an external hard drive where you important documents, so the next time buy a new hard disk or computer can save you don’t need to use a migration tool.
Migration is easy when you the right tools to use have done, and bottom Windows 7 to consider migration software into consideration. It is recommended you use the new Windows Easy Transfer software to migrate files and settings in a safe location.

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