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This Wing Chun Spinning Wooden Dummy version is constructed to be compact, using a small base that bolts into the floor rather than a traditional wooden dummy frame. The plastic dummy from Immortal is free standing so it is also suitable for events and seminars although it is still very heavy.
There is also the double sided plastic Wing Chun dummy which is useful for moving around and for classes. You can train the wooden dummy form alongside your training buddy which is also a benefit of this light weight plastic dummy. Despite the practicality and convenience of a plastic Wing Chun dummy, I personally would rather have a traditional wooden dummy. This entry was posted in Wooden Dummy for sale and tagged light wooden dummy, lightweight wooden dummy, Plastic wing chun dummy, portable wooden dummy.
For the wholesales order(Qty 20 sets or above),we can delivery to your near port by sea.We will only deal with the actual shipping costs of the order. Both base and dummy are heavily weighted so there is plenty scope for giving the dummy a good kicking!

Slightly different to a normal wooden dummy the flat trainer offers a solution for limited space giving the practitioner the ability to train against the usual 3 arms of a dummy but without the inherent difficulties and costs of a full size dummy.
This is a plastic dummy front which attaches to a hanging punch bag for a similar effect to the Immortal flat trainer. The base can be filled up with water to give extra weight and there are two different heights. Lighter than some other plastic dummies, this can be a great alternative to a traditional wooden dummy and particularly if you need a free standing dummy or a portable dummy for classes, seminars or events.
We have the advantage of being able to pay special attention to every client, as we have our own workshops in China.
However this is ideal for instructors who need to transport a wooden dummy for demos and seminars. Our Wing  Chun wooden dummies are skillfully crafted by 3 persons who each have their own  specialization.  The body, arms and legs  are crafted from Elm trees. We will replace or repair or give a full or partial refund(excluding shipping and handling costs) for any defective product or product parts where the defect was caused by our workmanship.

We know our business and will construct a quality dummy for any customer who orders from us. Although this is not an exotic hardwood, they were  traditionally used as pillars in countryside houses and temples and are  therefore an excellent choice when looking at price & quality. We reserved the right to determine who is responsible for the defective or damaged equipment. If you need a different model or configuration, we can also offer you a custom made wooden dummy.

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