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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when somebody asks you about the most natural Spring decoration ever?
One of the ways you can adapt nature to be your back yard decoration is by placing bird houses to attract some small and cute birds, unless you have a pet bird and move it in their new living place. Probably not everyone would like having real birds fly around his back yard, but for those who do, we have made a collection of 15 decorative and handmade wooden bird houses and the bird house designs featured in this collection are not really hard to craft by yourself, all you need is some spare time on  your hands, a couple of pieces of wood and of course some skills.
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Those of you who don’t have the things on the list, you can simply order a bird house online. We always seek to improve ourselves for the benefit of the customer and hope to provide the best shopping experience possible.
With a bit of decorating this birdhouse can also become a sweet wedding or bridal shower favor. Unlike dollhouses or other miniatures there is no standard size for fairy garden accessories.

Be sure to check the measurements on this item to see if it will complement your garden or mini project.

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