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Interior Trade Furniture's friendly customer service is available to assist you from 9am-6pm: (312) 788-8689. Placing a sustainable wood end table in your home isn’t just a chance to show off your good taste; it’s a chance to display the fine work of Thai artisans who handcrafted each decorative piece. No matter what color or design you choose, each wood end table or teak side table is multi-functional. In order to enjoy your eco-friendly wood furniture for as long as possible, some care is recommended.
Also, keep in mind that some woods can be used outdoors in a covered area or in a bathroom where they are exposed to moisture while others will not last as long in those environments. One great oil for wood products is tung oil, it is resistant to moisture and will not darken the wood over time.
Teak is a great wood for the bathroom or outdoors and is traditionally finished with natural teak oil. On the other hand, mango wood furniture is often made from softer wood closer to the core of the tree and is best kept indoors. You can learn more about sustainable woods and products at Natural Wood Decor’s Green Product Info page. First, some background: Feng Shui, which means wind and water, is an ancient Chinese method used to arrange rooms and spaces. DO have stones that have a Zen feel in a small container on your nightstand to feel a sense of tranquility from nature. Avoid using the computer in your bedroom, especially on your bed since that will add fire energy and compromise your sleep quality. Hopefully this will inspire you to make some quick changes in your room and reap the benefits of better flow and energy!
Now that summer is fast approaching, what better way to make way for the new season than to bring the outdoors inside with sustainable wood furniture. The key for summer is functional living spaces that promote communal use and don’t feel crowded. Shelves and storage space like the Teak Tower Shelving Unit is another way to create space and enhance design without creating clutter.
The Hollow Cube Wood End Table is multipurpose in that your can use the base to store books (as pictured) as well as table. Likewise, narrow tables like the Teak Inlay Console Table are a good way to have the usefulness of a table without the added bulk. Whichever sustainable wood stool you might choose, remember that modern style is about innovation and sleek lines- not synthetics. After a long day of shoveling snow or hitting the slopes, you’ll want nothing more than to come home to a warm bath or shower in your home spa. And you can bring a piece of that outdoor beauty you noticed on your snowy stroll home with this Tree of Life wall panel, which evokes a sense of serenity and peace — an ambiance that’s welcome in the winter months. The obvious benefits of decorating with natural wood furniture are the sheer beauty of the product and the fact that it’s an environmentally sustainable way to enhance your home. Handmade wood products vary vastly in tone, and can come with small cracks that are sanded and finished, knots or other slight imperfections.
These flaws should not be considered as blemishes, but are rather what makes wood furniture so appealing. Make your home beautiful with one-of-a-kind sustainable wood furniture from Natural Wood Decor. Filling empty walls can be a daunting task, but choosing the right wall decorations can bring character and spice to a room in need of some flavor. The Mudra Hand Wall Panel This stunning, hand-carved panel is the perfect way to bring serenity into your home. Teak Wood Mirror Octagon Bring a beautiful, natural feel to your bathroom with this homemade teak mirror.
Bird Wall Panel – Walnut Tone Finish Handmade from Monkey Pod wood that comes from some of the fastest growing and most abundant trees in the world, this square wood panel depicts the soothing image of birds resting in a flowering tree.
24’’ Lotus Flower Wood Wall Panel Symbolizing purity, this ornate lotus pattern evokes the pure beauty of nature.
3 Tree of Life Wall Panels These wood square carvings are not just elegant works of art — they also tell a story.

Are you starting to notice some yellow in the leaves, a cool edge to the breeze, or heaps of “Back to School” signage at every retail establishment?
While many of our pieces evoke a sense of tranquility, with their graceful lines and natural wood grain, autumn seems to demand deeper tones that might recall cinnamon, nutmeg, or a piping hot cup of coffee. Lotus Wall Panel in Dark Wax Finish The delicate carving on this wall panel — courtesy of master craftspeople in Chiang Mai, Thailand — resembles a series of spindly, browning leaves nearly too fragile to stay on the branch. Teak Block Wood Bench Encourage a greater sense of community at your family dining table by replacing individual chairs with a bench or two!
Carved from a single piece of found Monkey Pod wood, this 20″ twist wood stool is the perfect height for use as an end table or as seating.
This one-and-a-half-foot stool is handmade from sustainably farmed teak wood, regulated by the Royal Forestry Department of Thailand. Like our regular twist stools, this piece is great as an end table or extra seating — with an extra twist.
We hope those image arouse you to be applied in your fabulous family home.There are 12 astounding images more that you can see below including Purple Chair Floor Lamp Blue C Table Design Glass Top image, Adjustable C Table With Caster White Plastic Top Design image, Green C Table Design Alumunium Made On Kitchen Interior image, Luxury C Table Design Glass Top Comfortable Brown Sofa image, Aquatic Blue C Table Design Exciting Furniture For Living Room image, Adjustable C Table Design With Caster Wooden Top Modern C Table image, and other. Since no two wood end tables or teak side tables are the same, adding just one piece to your room creates an eclectic vibe mixed with organic sophistication.
The piece doesn’t just hold magazines or coffee mugs; it can also serve as a stool, ottoman, or stand-alone piece of art. While some woods need minimal care, others may need an application of natural oils over time. Because it is a softer wood, it is finished it with a more durable finish such as teak or tung oil. Or, are you looking to purchase some new furniture (maybe a Teak Block Hollow Wood Stool?) but you’re not sure where to put it? With the rearrangement the energies and flow within the space are supposed to balance to bring the occupants good health and good fortune.
The summer is all about enjoying time and the weather outside, but why shouldn’t that mentality be used inside as well?
You’re most likely to have more people in your home during the summer months so having an open space, but not sparse, is key. Mirrors give the illusion of more space and the interesting shape makes it also a talking point for guests. Get your things off the floor and onto shelves to make a room more aesthetically pleasing while saving space. They’re perfect for small spaces to provide design and create a comfortable feel without making the room feel cramped. These intricate panels are not the typical wall art and thus immediately garner attention in any room. Sleek lines and smooth finishes are desirable, but sometimes it can be hard to find them in authentic wooden furniture.
The beautiful, sustainable wood furniture pieces of Natural Wood Decor come in a range of finishes that can bring warmth and charm, even in the dead of winter. Bring natural warmth and a touch of the outdoors inside with any of our radiant teak wood bath decor, like this teak wood storage unit. This is because the wood is hand-picked and hand-carved, ensuring that every piece is unique.
Fortunately, our all-natural wooden wall pieces offer a sustainable way to transform modest walls into a magnificent focal point for any room. The positioning of the hand is a Buddhist symbol and ritual gesture — called a mudra — that represents discussion and teaching. Crafted from farmed teak wood, this product will last for years with the proper maintenance. The natural walnut oil finish makes for a beautiful surface that will look great against warmly colored walls. Finished in a natural wood oil, the handmade panels depict three stages of a tree’s life: first embedded in a forest of other trees, then the exquisitely twisted tree of life with its many leaves, and finally a cross section of the tree’s rings, revealing its age.
With that in mind, let us direct you toward a select few that are sure to warm up your living space for the cold months ahead. Set your cider on one of your new sustainable wood twist stools that double as great end tables and turn on the TV to catch the game!

You’ll be able to make the most of your space by squeezing in a couple extra hungry mouths. The design requires careful cutting and sanding by artisans in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but the result is a graceful, organic quarter-twist formation perfect for the living room or bedroom. Use a couple of them as end tables in a low-lying seating area, or group a few together around a low table for use as seating. Resembling a three-dimensional figure eight, the Double Twist stool is available in three elegant natural finishes: tung oil, walnut, and white wash.
In such finishes as mocha, walnut, agate grey, and walnut, the wood end tables can accessorize any room color or layout. It looks natural seated to the side of the couch and makes a statement sitting in the middle of the seating area. If left unfinished, teak wood will turn grey, so if you buy a teak product and prefer the grey tones, just let nature take it’s course and the finish will eventually wear off. After all your spring cleaning you deserve to redecorate some of your most used spaces and there’s no time like the present.
Putting a mirror on the wall of a common area is one simple way to have a big impact on the room’s ambiance. They can be used in narrow hallways for things like vases as well a decorative books which can be changed for every season to keep the space current. Bare walls can make a room feel unwelcoming and in the summer that’s the last thing you want for your space.
However, much of Natural Wood Decor’s sustainable wood furniture have an interesting, geometrical shape-without the plastic that is often found in modern design. Sustainable wood furniture is polished in its design, but these imperfections give the pieces character and charm. Check out some of Natural Wood Decor’s other teak wood bath decor that will look great with this piece! Carved from recycled teak wood and finished in a light teak oil, the panel is built to withstand weather and could be the perfect touch for your patio or deck.
Every panel comes comes with two small hangers, making it easy to hang the collection in any arrangement you choose. This style is available in two eco-friendly finishes: a natural walnut oil and a crisp white wash. They’re carved by hand from single pieces of eco-friendly Monkey Pod wood, so each one will be slightly different, adding a unique flair to your space.
The end table can hold a potted plant in the corner or dutifully display artwork in the middle of an accent wall. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the majority of your life, you’ve probably heard of Feng Shui, but you may not know what the room arrangement and decorating style entails. These panels are a quick and easy way to make your walls interesting without worrying about if the colors match! The panel is made of durable Monkey Pod wood by local artisans from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is finished with natural, non-toxic oils that make it environmentally friendly and safe for any room. The variety of designs available makes it easy to add elegance and diversity to any room with zig zag tables, twist stools, and oval drum end tables.
Plastic furniture has made its way in and out of style, but wooden pieces are always chic and always appropriate. Hang it above a mantel or doorway and its symbolic intricacies are sure to stir up conversations among onlookers.
Surprise your guests and keep their eyes excited by adding a single twist stool under your bar. The reclaimed wood features variations inherent to salvaged materials such as a rustic distressed finish, visible nailheads, knots, hairline cracks and oil stains, which may result in hue variations, rubbed edges, or other antique-like characteristics.

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