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A very modest beginning may be made in adapting ornament to a useful article, by carving the surface of a bread plate. Many of you are, I have no doubt, handy joiners, and may with a little help put together some slight pieces of furniture to serve at least as an excuse for the introduction of your carving. CNC Applications -- Plasma Cutting -- Stained Glass -- Gourd Carving -- Egg Carving -- And Many Many More!
Here are some suggestions for corner cupboards, chosen as giving the largest area for carved surface with the minimum of expense in construction.
They may be made of oak, but sycamore has the advantage in its lighter color, which is more likely to be kept clean. One perpendicular cut of a gouge driven in with the mallet, and one side cut, should form one of these crescent or thimble-shaped holes. The essentials are, that there should be a well-definedpatternsimple in construction, and as effective as possible with little labor; that there should be little or no rounding of surface, the design consisting of gouge cuts and incisions arranged to express the pattern.
The slightest and most distant connection with a recognized sponsor is often sufficient, but it will not be received alone.

The incisions may form a regular sunk ground, but it should not be deep, or it will not be easily kept clean. This form of ornament was in all likelihood invented by some ingenious carpenter with a turn for art and a limited stock of carving tools.
Then, as in cutting bread the knife comes in contact with the surface, no delicate work is advisable; a large treatment with broad surfaces, and some plain spaces left to protect the carved work, is likely to prove satisfactory in every way. His humble contribution to the resources of the carver's art has received its due share of the flattery which is implied by imitation. A piece of sycamore should be procured, ready for carving; this may be got from a wood-turner, but it will be as well to give him a drawing, on which is shown the section of edge and the position of all turned lines required for confining the carving. In all these patterns it is well to remember that the flat surface of the board left between the cuts is really the important thing to consider, as all variety is obtained by disposing the holes in such a way as to produce the pattern required by means of their outlines on the plain surface. If the plate is to be of any shape other than circular, then it must be neatly made by a joiner, unless you can shape it yourself. It is not always an easy matter to find suitable objects upon which to exercise our wood-carving talents.

Our furniture is all made now in a wholesale manner which permits of no interference with its construction, while at the same time, if we wish to put any carving upon it, it is absolutely essential that both construction and decoration should be considered together. Having traced the lines of your design upon the board, you may begin, if there are moldings as in Fig. 34, by the addition of the triangular-shaped holes at the top, and the splayed sills at the bottom. 32, by using a joiner's marking gage to groove out the deepest parts of the parallel lines in the moldings along the edges, doing the same to the curved ones with a V tool or Veiner.
Very narrow bands have a better appearance, if, instead of being cut straight down, they are hollowed at sides likebin Fig.

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