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This beautiful toy box is the perfect accompaniment to your child's bedroom to help keep toys tidy! Beautiful piece of furniture for any room in the house, super sturdy which is good since the children climb all over it and one of them even fits in it! There are plenty of replica sonic screwdrivers out there for fans of Doctor Who to collect.

One Whovian going by the name 00failure has used MDF and wood veneer to create an awesome chest that displays his collection of sonic screwdrivers.
The collectables are tucked away inside foam with cutouts the perfect size to keep them in place.
If you have a collection of sonic screwdrivers that you need a place to store and show off, this is the perfect DIY project for you.

However, I must confess to not watching the show, so I see what appears to be a tube of lipstick, a pocket watch, and some odd keys inside as well that I don’t know the significance of.

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