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This top quality garden paint waterproofs, nourishes and protects all types of external timber, providing your garden with all year round colour and protection.
The superior formulation of this product allows it to be applied to terracotta pots and masonry (will adhere to any material that is porous). So why not have a go and cheer up those tired pots and old walls as well as your fences and shed. As we repeated point out, Almost Heaven Saunas builds Barrel Saunas and Cedar Saunas exclusively from Western Canadian Red Cedar. Following is more information concerning Western Canadian Red Cedar as provided by the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association. Western Red Cedar produces long, lightweight lengths of timber with a fine, straight grain and uniform texture that make it easy to cut, saw and nail with common tools. Western Red Cedar is one of the few wood species that are naturally at home in the outdoors.
Special Notice: Due to winter storm, telephones are out today in a large area of Longview, Texas, including Satterwhite Log Homes. Satterwhite stocks an amazing range of hard to find specialty woods that are perfect for log home interiors and architectural accents. Our buyers search the far corners of North America and beyond to obtain beautiful specialty woods.

Because Satterwhite markets nationally, we are a perfect match for forest product producers offering uncommon, native local species in limited, environment friendly, sustainable volumes.
These woods, from places like British Columbia, Oregon, California, Montana, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Maine, offer our customers outstanding variety and selection, and at the same time protect vital jobs in many small rural communities. Products listed here are generally available, but supplies are sometimes seasonal or otherwise constrained.
Satterwhite custom saws cedar components for architectural features like this impressive pergola. Satterwhite roundstocks add a designer's touch to posts, beams, and half log stair components.
Treestock is the ultimate statement in natural character woods.Satterwhite custom saws specialty items like this quarter log fireplace mantle. There are many types of Cedar but for domestics, we only stock Western Red, Aromatic Cedar and occassionlly Port Orford. Red wood stains are very popular and this one is designed to compliment garden planting rather than stand out too brightly on its own. These features also contribute to its ability to be planed to a smooth surface or machined to any pattern. Natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage has long made Western Red Cedar the premier choice for either interior or exterior home use.

Please call our office in Ellijay, Georgia (800) 918-6881 or Gunnison, Utah (888) 882-4645.
These products are often used to add an elegant touch of rustic character to conventional homes and busineses. We source specialty products from small timber producers and sawmills that will never have the capacity to supply national lumber retailers and home centers. We warehouse many items in quantity; with many other specialized materials available by special order. If applying Wood Protector to a garden building that will be subjected to high levels of exposure to weather, it is recommended that you apply Protek Clear Tough Coat as a top coat. Cedar fibers in the heartwood contain natural preservatives that are toxic to decay-causing fungi.
Its natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage make it the ideal choice for a surface that is exposed to sun, rain, heat and cold all year round. The two principal extractives that are responsible for the decay resistance are Thujaplicans and water-soluble phenolics.

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