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These easy to craft wooden flowers look very decorative in the window sill or on a small shelf.
For those who love to show their patriotic spirit, this door sign is just the perfect way to greet your guests during the summer months.
The ocean is full of fascinating plants and animals that can be used as inspiration to create wooden items for your home. This decoration can be hung either on the wall, hung freely in a room like a mobile or hung in a window. This tropical fish is a fun, colorful and cheery project for the kids to create in the summer and adds a touch of caribbean atmosphere to your home. A stripe pattern is easy for the younger ages and older kids can create different patterns for their fish to make them more unique. Print out the pattern to fill the printing paper completely and transfer the markings onto the wood.

If creating it as a mobile or for a window, paint both sides so that it looks good from any perspective. If the parents or supervisors cut out the fish form, even the youngest of kids can help tear the papers and wad them into balls and glue them on the cardboard to decorate their fish. Tear each colored tissue paper into approximately 1 inch pieces (doesn’t have to be exact) and create a wad with each piece. Base coat the seahorse and seashell in beige on both sides and basecoat the seaweed in medium green on both sides. Adhere the wads next to each other filling up the spaces and making sure not to leave any openings.
The large flower, smaller wooden ball halves and small base are red and the small flower and larger wooden balls and large base are orange. Transfer the inner markings now lightly on the seashell and seahorse with the pencil and drybrush these markings with dark brown and also along the outer edges.4.

When the pieces have been painted on both sides, dry brush brown on the red edges and dry brush red on the orange edges to get an aged look. Brush your thumb over the bristles over the wood to cause the paint to sprinkle onto the wood. Drill holes in the tops of the seahorse and seashell and in the 2 bottom leaves of the seaweed.

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